Musings: Searching for an allegory of peace in the midst of a violent universe

by LJ Frank

To rise each morning is the beginning of the day’s sojourn, there’s something peaceful about a cerulean blue sky and the yellow rising sun, a metaphor of gentleness on the surface though I know the star that warms us is a mixture of volatile gases and the surface of the earth is filled with the struggle to merely exist; I know violence oriented behavior is just one of the core attributes of being human as exemplified in competition; to win means someone suffers the indignity of loss for it’s the nature of the game, the corporation, the small business, and the intricacies of a government competing with others which also includes war.

 Birthing is painful and arrives on the doorstep of our life in physical, emotional and spiritual shapes; still there is the shared moment of tenderness of a parent and a child or two lovers where time is meaningless to their encounter. 

Childhood offers a potentially constructive alternative to the physical agony that births us, and to grow to be a man or woman is more than physical biology; to man-up or woman-up is a ludicrous manipulation, the words are numberless to persuade, caress or abuse the “I” and the “other” as part of the human character; to love or be cruel to each other are only limited by our imagination with the nuclear venue embedded in the place we call Earth and the music within the human heart.

So my spirit walks in the wooded lushness of my thoughts and along the sandy shoreline of my dreams with mud squishing between my toes, the sensuality of my life is found in the footprints I leave on the shoreline that vanishes under the splash of a wave; and the moments of healing pleasure are found in dancing away from the rain of authoritative voices on how dissatisfied or satisfied I should feel with my life; for my soul seeks to divert the artificially designed realities around me into an allegory of peace uncovered with a smile from a nurturing heart while possessing a fidelity to my questioning and caring mind.