Musings: Selective Memory?

Image: 8233. LJ Frank

by LJ Frank

Are musings and rhythms the same

or another beginning

when the context of a moment implies

the metrical, though it is not…

it’s merely the textured ambience

of an individual’s grasp,

the emotive vocabulary of a poetic thought

misplaced structural cadence

the birth of the author’s insight,

to adapt and tolerate are resting

relationships speculated and studied

and privacy is public on the surface of the skin,

the shadows of human figures beyond the passageway’s architecture

allows for the perception of the actual or is it a projected film

movement of lips questioned

when a dialogue arrives sheathed in the condom of a soliloquy,

and still…dogma attempts to close the sanctuary door,

an intermittent showering of light seeps through

the “sacred” path reveals a verisimilitude the questioner seeks

the authentic may matter but not if it complicates a believer’s thoughts

and finding itself at odds with a personal truth experienced;

the details of a faded though familiar history misread

to correspond to the translator’s opinions

perception becomes their reality when written down in ink,

appearance is an optic out of focus when eyelids are encrusted

with the medicine distilled

through the communion like process of true belief,

and the layers of sanctity reach a critical threshold

as anamnesis is not amnesia when selective.