Musings: the leavings ~ from the semen of Homo Erectus to the 3D printout of Homo Sapiens

Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave UNESCO World Heritage Site Chauvethorses.jpg Location Ardèche, France Criteria Cultural: i, iii Reference 1426 Inscription 2014 (38th session) Area 9 ha Buffer zone 1,353 ha Website Coordinates 44°23′15″N 4°24′51″ECoordinates: 44°23′15″N 4°24′51″E Chauvet Cave is located in FranceChauvet Cave The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, France

by LJ Frank

One day while traveling through what some call the Levant, I came across an archaeological dig that caused me to ponder the scarred bones of an ancient nomad discovered alone near some rocks. What was his life like tens of thousands of years ago, for him personally – not what we read in books, but his actual life and what he may have thought and believed and felt? His bones like many individuals were found as if seeking and searching only to perhaps see revealed that their ending is a mere revisiting of a beginning cradled in a mother’s arms with no eternal reward for their struggle to exist. I can only speculate.

It was just last night I could feel the “legs” in my mind running towards something. What is being said now, this moment in the chronology of time, that hasn’t been said in some form in the past, though context varies, for the skeptical mind is a spectator of the ever-lengthening strides of technology and beingness. 

While the genetic code evolves, we remain gregarious animals called humans that may betray the battle within, compassion versus impassioned questioning, for I must ask, who gives his “sheep” personable names before he kills and eats them? Phallic shaped technological inventions glorify violence, competition and capitalism with the capability to vanquish all those who are a bit slow in their rhythm.

 A person sits in the audience waiting for their name to be called, awards presented to encourage and control, to be saluted, to receive a pat on the back from a stranger, give speeches, be lauded and perhaps even receive financial success for their efforts and a willingness by others to assist, still, all is temporal. No one is truly born physically and mentally equal.  

Background checks are quietly made today, and the opportunity exists for the aggressor, to journey through the sieve of their own experiences without ever knowing for sure…the ancients knew first-hand that very little is new though the situation changes, the human character is designed to be nurtured if growth is an objective.

The primitive humans walking across a barren plain or scaling a harsh mountain terrain or descending into a forested valley had thoughts but of what? Perhaps a minor detail in ancient man and woman’s treks is that he or she realized early on, hundreds of thousands of years ago and much longer, the mere thought of their next meal and a place to rest at night in an agitated sleep was sufficient enough for the brain to consider.

Yet one must ask when did the thought of a god, or savior, or prophet, or spirit appear in the human imagination? Why did the human imagination wait so long? When in their animistic rituals while gazing at the night skies and feeling the brutal forces of nature – at that point did they begin to develop a pattern of reasoning and ask why? How much was imagined but never actually witnessed except in the filtered mind of superstition and fear, or seen that which never actually occurred and only visible through the mind’s eye?

During the very last moments of life if we are aware, we may or may not be with someone we love, the last breath we take is ours alone and in the ensuing death we are singular, not plural, in the wilderness of energy seeking a translation for a deeper meaning, but our energy dissipates, and realities may or may not be parallel but what does resurrection, reincarnation and eternal life mean when the planet in which one is birthed and dies, is extinguished through a dying sun or invading black hole or a nuclear holocaust or endless plagues?

And who speaks on behalf of the humans who once resided in this part of the galaxy or will some radio signal be captured to suggest something existed in now what is the darkness of empty space that once held promise…is the imagination the connecting links in the universe merely that which flows like a river connecting living organisms?

There are no options to this life for even reincarnation means this one has ended and perhaps the question is given your capability and with the resources available to you, how did you translate the opportunity assuming you were in a position to do so, is there such thing as creative equality?

What has changed since the first humans emerged from their animal heritage, save the music of a Bach or art of a Michelangelo. What geniuses and saviors existed among the primitives from the semen of homo erectus to modern man and woman who have evolved, where a retinal scan can determine the sex of a person, while my accounts are available with a thumb print, and human looking objects are forms of artificial intelligence –  for will a computer or another person soon be able to enter a code on a machine to generate a 3D printout of what was formerly known as a human being and once formed from an issuance of semen?