Musings: The What ~ Of That Which Inspires

by LJ Frank

It is written in poetic language about the stimulus of a flower petal in its disarming simplicity as viewed from a distance, upon closer inspection the beauty of its complexity may cause one to pause, witness to the nature of evolution, for one can view galaxies from a far, and upon closer inspection find complexity is the rule in which is revealed a deep breath of awe;

 Complexity through language is translated into wonder, knowledge and greater curiosity, for if an artist creates an object from the clay soil into what she or he might identify as a dish, though the naming categorizes the object, the dish only exists in the human mind…the word points to an existence but never is that existence – the paths to a truth may not be reducible to a name or perhaps even a number;

 Man stimulates his mind through his ability to name things whether natural or not, his brain accounts for what he perceives to be the case, for language is a creation of man – words as symbolic as God, Allah and Yahweh are words created by men that are rooted in the human need and desire to be aroused and to account for the primitive genesis of context…and to safeguard that evolved inspiration the words are labeled as sacred, and then anything in opposition to human creation men and women label as blasphemy or heresy out of fear – loss of control is a powerful emotion, for ultimately once a name is given to another that name allows for approachability with attributes attached and therefore controllable in human terms and that is but one brushstroke of power;

 Inspiration whether through a flower petal or a person or a word to describe another is an initial imprint of knowledge, for evolving knowledge retains an eternal quality within the life of the human mind, and still we surmise that after the planet dies and humans are no more, the knowledge gained over centuries of struggle to know vanishes from the place once called Earth, eternity is a compelling concept invented by humans to encourage trust in another for the want of an existence greater than one’s own, to imagine is the human mind’s effort to approach The What ~ Of That Which Inspires.