Musings: Theater & Sanctuary – Metaphor & Allegory of Design

Source. Pexels. Kamaji Ogino, Photographer

by LJ Frank

The mind pursues scenery changes and identity relevance for the roles of life. The decay like the kind one tries to avoid found in moldy bread or wine that turns to vinegar, or even the brilliant architectural statements revealed in theater and sanctuary ruble that now serve as a pornographic display of unsustainable roles. Though there are people that find a peculiar beauty in the ghostly shapes and figures of broken marble, cracked stained glass and splintered hardwood with weeds and flowers sprouting on the grave like sites.

 Crumbling structures like crumbling ideas and crumbling bodies are often reflected in abandoned places of the heart spilling over with vision. No longer affordable structures are now distorted or disregarded, and no amount of makeup seems applicable, the pursuit of human brightness is periodically scarred by misinformed thoughts and words where disguised agendas outweigh reason and compassion. 

The theater and the sanctuary were and are the structural platforms upon which a role, a reflection, insight, commonality, and inspiration are given a fresh imagination. The past and present are anything but calm – the ravages of wars and inhumanity were and are birthed in the usual suspects of avarice, parsimony, brutality, intolerance, ignorance and pride with periods of transformation by enlightened conscience, collaboration, and sustenance.  

From altar to stage the physical structures of sanctuary and theater were and are more than buildings for entertainment and or renewal. The architecture served as an inspiration to move humans beyond their intolerances and the mortal coil of temporary physical existence with plays and parables and tales of how we treat each other in romance, drama, tragedy, suspense, and comedy – all were and are about relationships with each other and the planet upon which we thrive.

Architecture changes us. Our life is shaped by what we design. Our designs breathe life into our conscience and consciousness. Inclusiveness over exclusiveness is an appropriate ideal for the health and well-being of humanity. The coins proffered in ones defending a nation are ill spent when unable to relate on the vast human stage regardless of the DNA of an individual, family, tribe, or country. And, you don’t have to tithe or subscribe to anything or anyone to be saved or be humane in your role as a person.