Mutability – voices without speaking

by Keiko Shibata

 a winter of mutability

chance is unannounced

nascent permutation

scenes flash in my head

past and present in flux

the heat of blushing glances

is that my face in the tinted window

the train speeds as the mind spins

what am I in want of

arrive at hot springs

inhale the sea’s spirit

waters hide submerged volcano,

when was our season finished

the setting sun is a metaphor

walking among the crowds

cravings within 

companion of the heart

a smile lost in etiquette

eyes unable to betray

the flower of my youth

a tear traces my cheek

is that her waiting

my mouth opens as if to speak

the steam evaporates my words

a metamorphosis has begun

old skin is shed

a steadfast friend to share

voices without speaking.