NPJ Internship Program


Narrative Paths Journal is a non-profit international literary e-journal with a significant number of annual visitors (over 97,000 visitors by the end of 2022), from 182 countries.

The limited number of internships (unpaid) available are flexible and adaptable positions and monitored by LJ Frank – with over 12 years as a publisher, 27 years directing public libraries and over 7 years teaching and consulting abroad in Asia, Middle East, Central and North America.

 (See About Us for our Vision, Mission, and Contributors)

The Internships are for mutually agreed upon time periods. No previous experience is required and offers the person a work experience to explore, practice, and develop your writing skills with a global audience. It’s also an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about a non-profit e-literary journal environment.

If interested please contact me at and type Internship Opportunity in the subject line.

LJ Frank, Publisher