Of Gratitude  

by Keiko Shibata



moisture touches

the deeply familiar

musical notes sung in the shower

a song of tears veiled in steam

forehead pressed against the tile

a coolness clings to a memory

the heat of water spreads over me

and the rivulets embrace the skin

the spirit rejuvenates within

a voice from afar invokes a thought

or is it in the next room

have a thousand moments of good luck

the words caress like a soft breeze

so, I get dressed in a dream

and speak intimacies to myself

the clock’s face is emotionless

minutes and an hour go by, in quiet

to pour a ritual drink in contemplation

finding the smile that is now cloudless

the evening passage approaches

and flower petals float freely

eyes reflect an intuitive longing

to inquire awakens the heart

the hushed breath is an expression

for to feel is to know the buoyancy

of gratitude.