On Human Pathos   


by LJ Frank


natural rights birthed

towards the civility of existence

conscience is the Muse

and like a breeze that refreshes

a wordless adagio is created

a compelling melodic harmony

taut lines of promise exposed

an ambiguous theme of comfort

settled in an unresolved chord

a long pause occurs

then a modal inflection

isolated measures affected

and of gentle nod candor

a climatic scheme in a loop

yet the enigmatic is voiced

a peel of recognition

a cathedral bell of aspiration

without pretension

simplicity resounds to enlighten

self-disclosure turns its head

discretion is filtered

with tears 

the heart seeks refuge

with arms extended

outstretched hands beseech

to know is to unknow

the Siren seduces  

a light-pierces a billowy cloud

where does hope dwell

storms have no mind

compassion mixes with lust

the rhyme of a song

without notation

a miracle exists

but only in perception

reality is not uplifting

merely an endless wave

of crested thought

the crucible of redemption

lapping a shore

sand pebbles of consciousness

and the pathos of to exist

reaches a crescendo

 cathartic passion vibrates

a poet’s heart sings in the dark

and pleads to the Composer –

for just a mere encore

before his last breath.