Guest Column: Our Vibes Create Our World!


by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor

Manifestation stems from our inner vibration. 

Quantum physics reveals that despite our apparent solid form we are actually energy, we are vibrational beings. Furthermore we emanate certain frequencies based on our beliefs that attract in our life conditions and experiences and create our world. 

A frustrating fact is some of our more expansive desires and dreams can be blocked by the low vibration of negative beliefs. Beliefs like feeling unworthy and many other limiting beliefs held in our subconscious. Changing our vibration is the key to brighter conditions in life. Changing subconscious negativity is key.

 Attention and Intention matter.

The good news is that the subconscious can be re-programmed. Wherever we place our attention consistently can manifest in this material world. The sequence is Thought-Intention-Words-Sound in a sustained fashion =Manifestation.  We can change negative vibes in our subconscious by wisely discerning what we give attention to. We are very prone to focussing on the outside world rather than diving in to our inner world for transformation. Both matter, let’s first discern how we can wisely handle the outside world.

Attention to the outside world

Wisely discerning The News

Sensationalism and censorship seem a growing part of the media onslaught. Questioning what we are being told is critical thinking and we need to exercise that ability. If we succumb to sensationalistic reporting in the mainstream news creating fear, we will be swept along by a tide to gloom and attract in more of the same. On the other hand if we distrust the news and give our attention entirely to the vibes of fear of control and conspiracy theories without questioning those viewpoints too, we will give them exclusive strength. 

If we drink from a particular river we will become that river. For humanity to go forward successfully we need to find the river of wisdom to unites us.


 Is like a union of our mind with our intuition. Our mind is a great tool for synthesizing logic, including the discipline of fact checking information where possible; our more masculine side. Our intuition is checking in with our feeling sense of what is right for us, our more feminine side. Following a feeling that something doesn’t feel right, an unsettling sense in our physical bodies indicates dissonance with who we are. Discernment grows as we develop trust in our intuition and analyze the facts. Union is the “Yes’ spot for us.

Wisely discerning Vaccines

There is a complex turmoil of views; information and disinformation on the subject. No vaccine is without side effects. However these vaccines are different to ‘regular’ ones and long term effects have not been tested—They have been given rushed ‘authorization’ in an emergency by the Health protection agencies around the world with  Covid purported to be high risk to  public health. Now they’re being strongly encouraged by governments, including guilt tripping to those who are hesitant or say No.  Which concerns me as it increases the divide. In my simple mind, if the vaccinated are 80-90% protected from the virus and even if they catch it have a less serious sickness. Not hospitalized. Aside from the major hold-outs in the US, most Western countries have a high inoculation rate. When a majority of a population is vaccinated,  why are we so bothered by the few who are not. In most countries it is not mandatory and left to the individual to do a personal risk: benefit assessment. 

I am strongly against children being inoculated as they are not high risk with Covid and yet high risk to be given an untested product re long term effects. Otherwise I am Pro Choice, and many people, like my brother, who are health compromised, felt relief and safe after having the injection and some people even felt joy and gratitude; I fully respect their choice. 

However freedom of choice has catches nowadays and those who choose to not be vaccinated may be faced with restriction on mobility in society. Although vaccination will probably not be made mandatory by governments there will likely be passports to participate in many parts of life. Already happening in Europe with the ‘Green pass’ to restaurants, concerts etc. My intuitive sense predicted this…. and it matters to me to be able to travel freely to see my brother in UK. One morning in March I made the decision and got the Astra Zeneca one in the afternoon. (preferred because it’s a not for profit venture). Despite reported side effects I was not afraid –There will be side effects as with any drug but it’s what we believe that affects how our bodies respond. Even though experimental my Intention  was my body and mind will handle this without adverse effects. I firmly intended – “ I will remain healthy and strong, this will not adversely affect me.”  There is Power with conscious intention. I believe! 

Attention to the Inner world can Raise our vibes

Eastern philosophy teaches as within so without, science now concurs. Here are some teachings to help raise our vibes. 

Manage our emotions.- Engage with life. Fully feel and digest our emotions rather than detach and try to not have ‘bad’ emotions, like anger etc. Emotions are integral to our human experience and it is best to be open to the whole range. “Feel one side, feel the other”. When we are overwhelmed by a particularly difficult emotion it can be our ally as when we are emotionally triggered it’s to do with subconscious patterns. The emotion is highlighting our liability, our weakness. If we allow the emotion energy to flow like a wave, fully feel it then release, we can eventually stop its power to overwhelm and develop a feeling of peace and calm. The more we can feel them and let them roll by without judgment the subconscious patterns will be diminished. Our vibes will rise.

-Release stuck emotions–Tapping. This is a somatic method that helps release emotions and traumatic memoryStarts by acknowledging that they are felt and in our bodies then uses a technique to release that negative energy along the body’s meridian lines.

– -Befriend our inner demons and integrate them as a part of who we are. This embrace diminishes their power to preoccupy us and bring us down. Eastern philosophy teaches our shadow sides are still part of us that we can integrate once we show compassion and stop fighting and resisting. At the same time we are still accountable for our actions and move forward with compassion holding love for our imperfections. Radical acceptance of being a human being with foibles and imperfections, unique and interesting. Not a saint!

Building High Vibes

Big challenge as It takes 10x the energy to shift negative to positive. Daily practices are needed. Some ideas:

  • Dance to the Stones song “You’ll never make a saint out of me”.
  • Savour life. Say yes to life. Appreciate the experience of life, in all its difficulties. Even the darkest moments can stir more light inside us—build  courage and resilience.  Not to bypass experiences but to feel the pain and when it subsides contemplate the gem of new awareness attained.
  • Intend to live as our Soul self, the essence of who we are before conditioning modified our scope and range.

-Start each day with an affirmation like “I intend to be my Soul self”

-Take courageous action to reveal our Soul Self in daily life

          Use the alchemy of Meditation to empower our Soul Self.

Here’s one, just 10 min long.

Feel your Soul’s energy.