Privacy Policy (2020)

Paris. Credit: Nathan Frank, Photographer

NP Journal gathers numerically generated statistics that includes the number of visits and visitors, country, city and IP addresses and pages visited for website planning and design purposes only.

Private email and addresses are not shared. Regarding Comments: Please note the email address of the person contributing a comment including their surname is deleted from our files unless she or he is a subscriber and wishes us to send them updates.

We use WordPress security enhancers, among other security plug-ins for reader safety and privacy. NP Journal offers links to other websites. Please be advised to read the Privacy Policies of each website you visit.

For a listing of visits by country/region, see NPJ Briefing. We use Wikipedia as a link to more information about a specific country.

NPJ is for the mature minded and intellectually tolerant reader: We subscribe to the belief in a censorship free site as part of First Amendment Rights. As former US Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan’s observed, “one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.” 

Permission to use any written or artistic work from any and all contributors  requires their permission and acknowledgement.

Disclaimer: All opinions of an Interviewee, Guest Columnist and other contributor represents their views and ideas and not necessarily those of Narrative Paths Journal.