Privilege & the blood that seeps into the depths of consciousness: Between Assignments

Abstract Expressionism. Public Domain.

by Andrea Brandt

My apartment in Munich is organized piles of papers and books.  Forgive my curtness I am here temporarily. I am writing quickly.

 Nothing feels secure today. Tomorrow I visit with a colleague. She and I are close. Monday morning, I will  travel. I “read” the newspapers, the magazines, websites I like to visit.  To write, it is critical to read, view the available. Truth is found within and corrected by the facts.

In Munich there is talk, what if the Americans allow a criminal dictator as president, Germany recognizes a dictator from afar. Angela Merkel understood the authoritarian evil Trump represented when she met him. Others knew. Trump was insecure with her. Germany understands when evil marries privilege. Bankers use evil and privilege to make money.  Actions get twisted when money and privilege are married to each other.

Europeans are generally geopolitically literate. NATO alliances are talking about –  what if Trump is reelected. And Germany knows the authoritarian. Knows the dictator.

Political corruption is contagious, like a staph infection. A doctor sloshes around on soil mixed with blood underneath a makeshift tent on a strip of land. An antibody is necessary before the staph infection destroys the body it inhabits. People die from starvation and disease of the body and of the mind. Death is a shroud and a veil. Ignorance was never bliss. No democracy is immune. The infection is rising globally. Tactical propaganda is at a high. The mad indulge and encourage chaos to destroy, thinking they will attain greater power, riches, and privilege. How many people must die?  How much bloodshed is enough? 

The question across the table, if no political or judicial instrument, (e.g., voting. courts) are successful in removing a potential or actual dictator, then what instrument shall the people employ to cure the political infection, to halt the authoritarian push? That discussion is occurring now in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. That discussion is spreading. The abstract is visible and real.