Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner: Interview with Angie Sanchez

Currently, I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. This form of hypnosis involves Past Life Regression to have an understanding about the current life as well as draw some healing to certain areas of the self, and these could be mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually – this method was created by Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon. I mention her name because she’s extremely insightful in her discoveries. She has a wealth of available material including a number of videos on YouTube that I encourage people to look up.

I lead mediation groups where I emphasize expanding the self and spreading the love from within each of us to others. Along with the natural state of what someone would refer to as “a spiritual being having a human experience.” I am also an actress/model. I have appeared in a number of print ads, commercials, television shows, independent feature films including one short film that is currently in the film fest circuit called “Concrete Canvas.”

My mission is to light the light in others and am always delighted to connect with new people while continuously learning. I have a You tube channel where I share some of my personal experiences as well as give a few tips on how to work through “difficult times.”

NP:  How would you explain the nature of your work?

Sanchez: The work I do is Quantum Healing Hypnosis that involves Past Life Regression. This process allows the higher self to do some healing work as well as answer questions the client has regarding their current life circumstances, life’s purpose, connection with others, etc.  The objective of the process is to connect with the ALL KNOWING Self, which has the answers to anything we’re ready to hear.

NP: Past life regression therapy is an intriguing subject and personal process. How would you explain what it is and the process to the layperson as it is seen as something distant from most people’s lives?

Sanchez: It’s interesting that we call it “Past life regression” because in reality it’s “Other lives regression.”  I believe that we are living other lives simultaneously and that the lives we tap into are lives that are parallel to what is happening in this current reality.  During the Past life regression portion of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), we allow the Higher Self or Subconscious Self to take the client to a life that has helpful information for this life. For example, I had a client that went to a life where her sister left her as a child and this made her very sad. She even described, “needing her sister to be there with her” and got very emotional during this process. She also recognized the soul of her father in that life we were exploring as her father in this current life.

Now, here’s the twist, in this current life she is living she decided to leave her little sisters by moving out and moving away not speaking to her father for several years. Moving away was something she felt she had to do to get some closure, independence, and love in this current life.  However, she was able to experience the affects one might have “being left” by a loved one in her Past life regression. During her regression she was unexpectedly on the other side of things. There is a sense of understanding when we explore other lives as to why certain things happen in this current life. Through that we gain a Universal perspective on how things work at a grander scale than just our current human prospective. There’s a lot of healing that takes place during this process. It may sound confusing because of its complexity but it is very fulfilling to be working in this way.

NP: How would you describe the variation between dreams, imagination and visualization of oneself in a past life?

Sanchez: The variations are endless. Ideas, innovation, insights, progression in ones knowing can be channeled through all of the mediums above.  Dreams are like a playground where we can play out different outcomes of our decisions. Dreams can also assist us in astral travel where we visit other places not only “Past lives” but also different dimensions where we connect with a loved ones that have passed over.  I connect with my great-grandmother in this way quite often. Imagination and visualization are also both avenues to access this information. You know the truth when you feel it. There may be times where we feel we’re making things up but it varies on how it resonates within our being. Being grounded is very important in this process as we can differentiate between truth and a fear or fantasy based illusion.

NP: Is past life regression a helpful tool in not only gaining a higher insight into who we have been and are at this moment but who we might become? How does it affect our mind, body and spirit?

Sanchez: Great question! I’ve learned that “who we might become” is not as important as the current moment. The progression or ripple effect on “who we might become” can only be determined by our current actions. In a sense, past life regression helps us understand why we make certain decisions or why we’re stuck in certain patterns that are not only in this life but in other lives as well.  I like to give the example of the alcoholic admitting he’s an alcoholic.  Once we recognize certain decisions we’ve made we’re able to figure out a game plan to consciously make different decisions to expand our awareness. I guess you can say this is how it affects who we might become. Once we realize the power we have within ourselves, our fire is lit and most of us want to light that fire within others.

NP: Given the harshness and the struggles so many people encounter everyday is this form a therapy something that would help generate greater individual peace as to who we are and where we potentially could be headed as individuals and a society?

Sanchez: Without a doubt, YES.  It is an avenue to access information that will expand our awareness. Once we break that barrier we realize how connected we are. It’s pretty magical. The effect of one person becoming aware of his or her own potential is more closely related to yet another person becoming aware. And in this day and age we have the power of social media where content can spread like wild-fire.  So, I encourage people to live in their light.  Without knowing it they are creating a ripple effect in the matrix. They’re paving a path for others.

NP: What does the future of past life regression therapy?

Sanchez: Who knows?  Science is progressing so fast. I hope to see past life regression measured on a tangible scale. The healing portion of it is already measured. There are a number of studies that show how thoughts affect the body.  Thoughts can change the molecules in our cells as proven by scientific studies. This is how healing is done.  This is how prayer has an effect on people. Our thoughts are very powerful. Past life regression just slows down the process and speeds it up when appropriate.  So, we’ll see. Website: www.angie-sanchez.com