Quest: Global Disinformation Index

The Global Disinformation Index is a global cross-sector coalition between governments, business and civil society. We operate on three core principles of neutrality, independence and transparency.

Neutrality: The GDI is non-political. The governing board consists of independent trustees with no commercial links to the media. Our Advisory Panel consists of international experts in disinformation, indices and technology. 

Independence: The GDI is a UK not-for-profit organisation. Our funding comes from a range of sources including governmental, philanthropic and from companies. No single funding source makes up more than 33% of the total funding base. 

Transparency: Our index methodology is published, and we will include the scores behind the ratings of all news domains rated. Our funders list will be continually updated online.

What is the difference between misinformation and disinformation?

Both terms refer to false or misleading information. But misinformation lacks the intent to deceive, whereas disinformation is deliberate deception, often malicious. 

How does GDI assess the risk of disinformation?

The Index examines a range of neutral signals to flag the disinformation risk of a news domain. These signals include metadata and other observable factors. This rating is assessed using both artificial intelligence and human review. These processes are used to classify and rate the domains into different “at-risk” groups. For more details, please see our white paper [ link out] 

How will the GDI risk ratings be used?

The ad tech industry, including advertisers, ad exchanges and platforms, can use these ratings to ensure ads for brands don’t appear on websites whose risk profile does not match their ad criteria. Ad exchanges will have real-time information on high-risk domains before placing ads on them. Social platforms and search engines will have a neutral assessment to make high-risk domains less visible on their platforms.

Who funds the GDI?

Our funding comes from a range of governmental, philanthropic and commercial sources. No single funding source makes up more than 33% of the total funding base. Our current funders are the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Luminate and Meedan.









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