Reality? Fractals, dark matter, dark energy and the universe: Interview with Fulton Johns, DDS


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NP:  In a 2017 article in The Journal of Astrophysics and Aerospace Technology you wrote about The Great Cosmic Sea of Reality the Dark Matter Fractal Field – A Conceptual Premise of the Structure and Functional Dynamics of Our Universe. What was the inspiration causing your interest in this subject matter?


: I became aware one day about fifteen years ago that science had advanced at an amazing rate since my days of basic science study and decided to “retool” by using new technology to audit courses at numerous prestigious universities and reading many of the scientific papers and books by these researchers. In that journey, I was struck by a concept that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. That is what I present in The Great Cosmic Sea of Reality, the Dark Matter Fractal Field! 

Writing this book occurred over time and became more like an obsession following me around for years. I have been a perpetual student for as long as I can remember, following a desire to always understand more about this amazing creation we share. In particular, I have been focusing my studies on the physical sciences for the past eight years, especially in the sciences of particle and condensed matter physics.  The more I researched the theory the more questions it seemed to answer. I was astonished. So concepts that relate to this theory just seem to come to me in particular very early in the morning.  It is not unusual for some thought to come to me as I wake about halfway asleep and I either write down some notes on my Note 8 phone then go back to sleep or get up and start writing and research the topic for support as it relates to my theory.  So even now it is an ongoing project because I am in the “so what” stage I call it. I mean it like this ” so …ok …you think the world works like this then so what does that change.”  I have already written two scientific papers one of which was published in The Global Journal of Frontier Science Research ( GJSFR_Volume17/1-Possible- Origins-of-Virtual.pdf)

The other I have just completed and should be published this spring.  These are all good signs the theory has validity.  The paper you cited in your question was my original paper that was 28 pages long, which I was told I needed to shorten to get it published – it was too long for a scientific journal so I refused to do that and decided to add much more and write a book.

NP:  Perhaps the first thing we might tackle is how do you define fractal in layman’s terms? And how are we affected by fractals every day?

Johns: Think of fractals as a self-similar pattern that repeats itself at multiple scales of observation in a recursive nesting fashion, much like holding up a mirror and looking into another mirror behind you and the reflection receding into the distance. This fractal recursive theme is repeated in nature not only in forms and shapes in clouds, mountains, the human lung or circulatory system (morphology) but even in the sounds of a heartbeat, the seeming chaotic sounds of electromagnetic waves, and harmonics of those energy waves all of these have order in the seeming chaotic disorder at smaller scales.

Fractals are in fact ubiquitous anywhere you look and at many different scales. That is in fact why I believe there is a common unifying force or field at work directing this nested recursive pattern called fractals at all levels of our reality. Thereby, the name fractal field in the name of the cosmic dark matter fractal field theory.  Another good example of fractals is Matruska dolls “Russian nesting dolls one similar form residing inside another at different sizes or scales. The fractal is the ubiquitous signature of structure found throughout nature at all scales. The fractal was named and first described by Benoit Mandelbrot, and above all, to Mandelbrot, fractal meant self-similar. In fact, fractals represent symmetry across scale and because of this unique feature fractals represent a type of order in the midst of disorder, meaning in the midst of chaos. However, there is a very unique geometrical property of fractals. Complexity can be increased along with increasing the surface area within, to almost infinity, without increasing the outer dimensions of the original shape. Check this video and many others: ( watch?v=xLgaoorsi9U)

NP: In your theory, as well as other scientific theorists in the field, suggest we experience an aspect of reality every day. If that’s the case, is our concept of reality open to question and what are the scales of reality?

Johns: That is a very important question and in my view that is the very question I was asking science but never really got a satisfactory answer. The question led me to write this book.  So it really isn’t a short answer because it took me years to figure it out and a 70-page book to answer it.

However, I can say what I have found that it isn’t!  Physicists have been saying that our reality is highly illusive and not what it seems as result of quantum weirdness related to what is known as particle duality as revealed by the most famous experiment of quantum physics which was not only counterintuitive but against common sense. Their conclusions from the “double slit” experiment, which is probably the most repeated experiment in science, I believe, are mistaken. The idea that the only time your reality is there in solid form is when an observer looks at it is just not true. Our reality is not merely a construct of our consciousness or only something that exists when we are looking at it.

My studies indicate the theory may have disquieting and specific explanations about the solid tangibility of our reality.  I can also say the theory supports a finding of our universal connected consciousness and how the memory of our mind may work as a part of that and how it links to influences that appear out of the direct sensory awareness of most people. To address the last part of your question …what are the scales of reality? This is a question that is critical for you to understand our reality and particularly the hidden influence of fractals. In this case a video can can explain it better.  (

NP:  Our senses cannot detect the extremes of the microscopic or the cosmic scale of these patterns. What examples and implications of these extremes? How do you define dark matter and dark energy and how it affects us and on what levels?

Johns: Well most of us have limitations of our sensory perceptions which vary from individual to individual as each of is gifted in different ways, as we age and as well as influenced genetically, epigenetically and environmentally which also affects those perceptions at a higher level than previously thought.

I think you are also speaking of our human limitations perceiving different scales beyond our human capacity, that of course is what microscopes, telescopes, particle accelerators and all kind of advanced detectors are about as we probe the microscopic, subatomic and cosmic scales to try and understand the clues that give us a theory about how all of this reality works as one unit and that is called a unified theory which science has been looking to discover for centuries.

What makes the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field so different is the mind-blowing awareness and implications it has for our understanding of things right in front of us and all around us at all scales. Dark matter and Dark energy is so named simply because we can’t see it or detect it except indirectly.

Fortunately, the only reason we even know it is there is because of the one way we think that it interacts with our world and that is the tremendous gravity influence it has on absolutely everything. We are only here asking these questions and contemplating reality because of that influence.

My theory literally predicts that Dark matter and Dark energy holds our reality together moment by moment as we sit comfortably on this rock we call Earth.  Earth travels in a never-ending corkscrew path at high velocities as one of many rotating planets orbiting its star, in one of innumerable solar systems moving around the galactic center, and as one of many hundreds of billions of self-similar galactic black hole centric galaxies in our universe.

All of this makes up only 4% of our known cosmos the other 96% is Dark matter and Dark energy another analogy that helps you understand the context and relationship we have with Dark matter/Dark energy. The best word picture for this concept is a Christmas tree. If you saw the Christmas tree at night from a distance and knew nothing about it, you would see a triangular pattern of lights suspended in the black of night. You would never see the very structure of the tree that gives it that shape. The lights represent baryonic matter of our universe (our world) and the tree the dark matter / dark energy that gives our cosmos its apparent form and structure at all scales.

NP:  Considering the depth of your research do you sense that energy contains an intelligence factor? If so what are the implications?

 Johns: It’s a scientific fact that energy literally equals information. Our information age I see as a primary demonstration. The implications of this fact within the framework of this theory is a perfect example of how a good theory keeps on giving answers and expanding as new questions are posed and answers offered. I do have a working model of this theory, which, I have inserted this very question in and that will be the subject of yet another scientific paper in the works along with all of the papers that are generated from this theory will be included in a second edition.

Implications? I can tell you that the information /energy connection is huge as what this theory (CDMFF) can tell us about a number of questions we might have about our cosmos. Here is a complex nutshell summary:  There is a process of ongoing cyclical creation and enhanced reformation in our cosmos. It begins at the Planck scale of the baryonic matter / cosmic dark matter fractal field interface (BM/CDMFF/I). And it’s directed by a formative causation through morphic resonance directed by the morphic fields that influence both. Working within the CDMFF, it produces our baryonic reality at the Planck scale (See scale/). This cycle is then completed as this baryonic matter makes its way through the flow of space-time to the black hole space-time singularity at the Planck BM/CDMFF/I and at the core of galaxies and other rogue solo black holes dispersed throughout the universe. This is where both space-time and baryonic matter, with its information, is engulfed, preserved, and returned to its source in the CDMFF theory.

 NPWithin the scope of your theory is time and gravity affected and if so, how?

 Johns: Wow, once again you have ask a very difficult question that requires long answers but here is a summary of another scientific paper that I am currently researching. Because, you are entering the realm of Einstein’s General and Special Theory of Relativity so the real short answer to the question is… E=MC^2.  Just kidding, but not really the real eye opener to this question is concerning mass (M) in the famous equation above and energy (E) also in the equation.

What this new theory helped me see is that our reality reveals itself in what I call relativistic phase transitions.  The simple way to understand that statement is what each of us knows about water.  Water is a very simple molecule with very special qualities so lets talk about emergent properties first. The water molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen both are gases you can’t see or feel, ingested individually they are necessary and support life. Yet when combined in the water molecule an emergent property occurs you can both see, feel and drink. Water is required for life. Another example is salt made of one sodium atom a solid and one chloride atom a gas. If you ingest either one of these by themselves they are toxic and will kill you, yet when combined in a sodium chloride molecule you get salt with an emergent property also essential for life. Water as a molecule is known to exist in three different phases based on pressure and temperature a solid as ice, a liquid as water and gas sometimes visible as steam or fog. The same molecule is always present in every phase just in a different phase or form but always water.

One of the not so well understood meanings of E=MC^2 is our reality exist in three different phases, from energy to mass and finally from mass to coherent domains CD (when I say CD you think invisible fields like the ones that form and direct schools of fish or flocks of birds flying in formations) as directed by morphic fields you cannot see or feel yet they are the unseen influence that gives all form and shape even function. But in each of these other forms it is always energy! The Dark Matter Fractal Field is definitely foundational to all of this.

Well next you ask about time (C^2) in the famous formula.  Now that is the most slippery subject and the best way to understand its implication in this theory is there is no change in our understanding of time provided, thus far, by this theory. But what is time really?  It seems to me that it is a human construct based on how many times one planet rotates on its virtual axis in relation to its orbit around its star.  That means only something to us as a measurement of events specific to us.  Therefore, it is not only relative to the speed you are traveling compared to another observer which slows time as in special relativity, or your proximity to a large massive object like earth or a black hole which also slows time as in general relativity but it is different on every planet in our solar system as well as all of the other planets in the cosmos.

 NP: At the turn of the century I met Stephen J Gould, Harvard paleontologist and evolutionary biologist and we discussed “punctuated equilibria” and the puzzle surrounding fossils and the intervals of single cell development to complex organisms in very short periods of time between longer intervals and the potential cause of it. I was wondering what are your thoughts on his observation and do you see patterns in that causation?

Johns:  This is also another exciting and far-reaching prediction of the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field Theory. The phenomenon of punctuated equilibrium observation pointed out by the published work of paleontologist Niles Eldredge and Steven Jay Gould, as seen in Earth’s geologic record, could be explained by this theory. One year before this landmark paper was published, Eldridge had declared in a paper that gradual evolution was seldom encountered in the geologic record and suggested allopatric speciation might be an explanation for such biodiversity. However, if you broaden your view of the potential reach across space-time of shared morphic resonance of Morphic fields occurring throughout the cosmos by way of cosmic dark matter fractal fields, this evolution finding by Eldredge and Gould makes sense. These heretofore unrecognized species on Earth could have been formed by morphogenetic fields propagated by morphic resonant influence through formative causation of other successful species from the biospheres of other Earth-like planets. This phenomenon could account for the sudden appearance of an unknown species here on our planet, as seen in the geologic record of a rather common species on other planets with similar environments. Therefore, these new life forms, functional patterns or instincts, possibly even crystals, might be well-established morphic habits in other Earth-like biospheres producing formative causal influences through morphogenetic fields in self-similar planets with self-similar environmental conditions over the evolutionary history of our cosmos.  This could in fact occur rather quickly, at least in geologic time, if the morphic memory is repeated billions of times on other cosmic Earth twins, employing formative causal influences in self-similar worlds transmitted across the vast abyss of our cosmos.

NP:  There has been much discussion about a  “Theory of Everything” – your thoughts?

Johns: I believe that the Theory of Everything (TOE) is a synonym for the Grand Unified Field Theory used more often in the physics arena they both refer to a kind of “Holy Grail” of the scientific community in general, but it is all about finding a theory that unifies the structural and functional dynamics of the very large cosmic scale represented now by the Newtonian Law of Gravity Theory and the micro-subatomic or Planck scale represented by Quantum Mechanics Theory.  We know that everything in our reality no matter how large, is always made of something smaller there are limits on both large and small scales as to what we can measure and observe, however, this truth is a unifying fact.  So the best theory should build from the bottom up.  The theory that describes how this happens, how our reality is built and functions from the smallest scale known, the Planck scale, up to supper-massive black holes and explains how that structure and function of our reality works from the bottom common denominator the Planck scale up… that will be the TOE.  There is very good progress of this theory doing that!