Rhythms: Relax by Siggy

What it is or maybe what it Is not
Gremlins riding your ass powering their potency over and over.
The red recliner I’ve named…

Crossing over Bellowing becoming breaching here I am, hear me, see me. A whistled whisper
sets to howling insecurities
I am I am I am
hear me, see me Understand me.

Quiet breathing
A breath then another and another does the breath understand me?
my sweetie repeats “you carry a heavy load” Maybe telling him was wrong
No one wants to hear another’s problems.

Maybe sharing;
sharing pleasure, sharing secrets, sharing is the place
where body opens,
a body joins another body Relaxing into it into them
So we are then the Wisdom we see, we understand.

~Siggy  (Signee Ruddy)