Remember Who You Are

Source: A NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite...its first view of the entire sunlit side of Earth from one million miles away. (July 6, 2015)

by Adikanda*

We have forgotten what is real.

We have fake candles that burn without fire. We have fake flowers that live without a drink of light. We have fake clothing that does not decompose but falls instead in plastic rain into the rivers from the skies.

We have false food that seems to fill the supermarket shelves, pretending to be edible yet leaving us sick and empty inside. We no longer hunt in a fair game, animal against animal to survive. We breed our meat, captive in hellfire farms, or we grow it like mould in a lab.

We don’t cook, we buy. We don’t sleep, we take pills. We don’t laugh, we scroll. We don’t touch, we distance. We don’t heal, we cover our faces. We hide away our jewels of wisdom, our faith and purpose, in habits of compliance and fear. We are doing our very best to fully extract what has always been the truth of our Mother Earth by selling, burning, stealing and owning that which was never ours to claim.

We have lamps that pretend to be the sun and drapes to mimic the night. Treadmills to pretend to run, stairs to pretend to climb. We have fake hair, nails and lips, fake penises, buttocks and breasts, fake teeth screwed into our jaws. Fake sex on demand, on camera, and perfectly pretty robots, so we can pretend to make all the love we fear that we have lost.

We have fake money, plastic and credit, fake numbers spit out by our governments and banks. Fake promises and false stability as our house of cards prepares to collapse.

We have fake digital friends and bots, scams and identities. We have whole worlds inside our screens and machines, our games, our VR headsets, that do not actually exist at all.

We have fake medicines that pretend to take away our pain but make us sicker every day. We have fake leaders who say they care while living and speaking a theatre of the absurd. We have duplicitous media, both hypnotic and hypnotised. We have laws that are criminal and prisons that are bought, where we offer no answer to the wounded and in pain.

We have false religions which tell us to love while living in hate. We have false dictates claiming a fake celibacy while living in wounded lust.

We have fake smiles on our IG, fake ailments that tik our toks, fake faces on the book of faces. We have fake water in our bottles, fake air in our homes, fake grass on our lawns but a very real poison in the seas and the skies. We have replaced books with memes, discourse with trolling, sharing with exploiting, intimacy with swiping, tolerance with righteousness and passion with rage.

We even have a false compassion, illusory spiritual trappings, gurus who harm, students who learn nothing, profits pretending to save souls. We seek an impossible truce through the complete falsehood that peace may be achieved by the feeding of an omnivorous war machine, a beast which smiles while it lies. We uphold above all the tragic illusion that we are free, the lost dream that we are allowed to speak, the heart-breaking falsehood of justice now turned to vengeance by petty power, the wildfire of political forests and fields.

We have falsely cruel and hollow care for the children of our world. We cut their genitals, inject them without reason, bomb them and enslave them, abandon them to a digital wasteland where their minds and hearts will fade away.

We have false countries and fake communities infiltrated by darkness, living only for a further taste of more and more control, in the dehumanisation of all that was once good about being human and alive.

But know this, if you have the spirit to hear it.

The life force of our Great Mother, the essential and radiant heart of our Creator, can never be imitated, falsified or destroyed.

Our dance of illusion may do damage now but we live in a false arrogance if we believe that our destructive impulses can win a battle with the universal power of the magnificent planet beneath our feet, the vast heavens above us, and the many, many brilliant beings and forms which exist beyond our limited dimensional sight.

We are indeed alive within the matrix, the hunger games, the lord of the flies and the brave new world, for we are living out the stories and the archetypes of our very own illusions, the shadow side of the collective psyche which must be purged, must be seen, before it can be released.

And the answer is so simple, it cannot be denied.

Be real. Be true to the state of Love that is the inherent nature of all existence. Nothing else matters. All else, like all illusion, will one day collapse, wither and die.

*Author, Practitioner, Intuitive (Canada)