Returning to a Primordial Moment in the Cosmos, (revised): No Where to Run to Baby, No Where to Hide*

zen garden Japan. Spiritual symbol

by LJ Frank


Years ago, while journeying in India, I visited a Hindu temple. Intrigued to learn more I  stopped by a nearby bookshop. Browsing through shelves of books I came across a scholarly work on Vedic culture and the Vedas and there was mention of the Sanskrit syllable OM. I would repeat this pathway in California and then later Egypt and other parts of Africa. Wanting to know more I discovered thought-provoking knowledge but it was not what I was hoping to find. I would later pursue a similar path with indigenous tribes in North America. I simply was curious on how wide spread was the nature of the sound. My writings were speculation.

The more I discovered the more curious I became. I repeated my steps. That’s okay. Who was the very first human that uttered the syllable OM? Was it merely found to be in India or were there other ancient humans aware of the sound? What insight did the first human have that uttered the sound possess? Was it instinctual? And what was the stimulus? Based on what evidence? Was the sound and vibration built into our primitive cells?  I have written about my searchings on previous occasions but it’s now with greater knowledge of cell development which has led to a deeper probing – seeking that which appears lost in prehistory unless there is another way to uncover or reveal the information such as DNA. If so my speculation points to Africa for the original source of the OM sound being uttered. 

Is it possible that primordial sounds are inherent in the genetic code, and as cells developed from stardust into human form was there some type of biological information passed down through the cells to indicate the first chaotic moments of the universe…and the explosion that resulted in planets, stars and the dust that humans evolved from and will return? How and why did that pinpoint in the vastness of space explode? Was the sound OM present at the initial explosion or did the sound precede the explosion or was it in consequence of it?

Evolutionary Biologist and NPJ contributor, William B. Miller, MD, observed the following:

“In my mind, there is no doubt that all human manifestations are rooted in universally resonant pathways. Frankly, it cannot be other. We are cellular beings, no matter how we perceive ourselves in the mirror. Each of our cells is a conscious agent. That self-referential awareness is based on our combined senses which use both classical Newtonian physics and quantum relationships. These latter are all about superpositions of states that ‘settle’ into specific coherences and resonances. We detect those for hearing, seeing, olfaction, etc. 

Consequently, those specific resonances that enable us to experience our world in a species-specific manner are our inherent harmonies. We experience these and express them in a wide variety of ways, including our innate circadian rhythms and our music, and naturally, this would spill into a sensibility of a shared universal harmony which underpins spirituality for many.

In a purely scientific way…the research of Hammeroff and Penrose (and their) Orch OR theory is all about quantum coherences and resonances at the level of the microtubules in our cells creating our consciousness.”

Knowing about the inherent chaos and the human difficulty and profound struggle for harmony with the world around us, how will it all end? All emanates from the mind in Buddhist thought. If my cells are conscious agents then I have the wherewithal to achieve harmony. 

In our world humans have enhanced the effects of global warming, discussed the use of strategic nuclear weapons, the United Nations has reported well over 800,000 people are facing or experiencing starvation, poverty grows daily, nationalism and fascism are pursued as an alternative to democracy, the poisonous spread of disinformation for the purposed of dividing and conquering continues to rise, wealth is confined to a small percentage of the world’s population and the cynical distrust of government is purposefully fed into, and  good health care is unaffordable in the wealthiest country as is education, and technology has outpaced our theologies, philosophies and social  and political fabric. 

Where do we run to, where do we hide if we destroy the place that we are blest with? Is Earth on the cusp of returning to a primordial state of being? Will we hear OM? Or will we progress to a higher level of beingness and harmony with the purported initial sound and vibration within each of us? I retrace my steps and my research in the United States, India, Australia, and parts of Africa. Will I move beyond informed speculation for my ultimate questions?

Is all vanity? What is new under the sun?

*From the song title by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (165)