Rhythms: Are my dreams my only reality?

by LJ Frank

Cloudy with intermittent dusty sunshine

open windows

damp, hot air blowing against my face

crossing a long bridge to open space

highway stretching in the distance  

tires thumping while hitting pavement cracks

feeling somewhat sidetracked

my car is anxious

stopping off for gas

the mileage is over 200,000

all things eventually end

as I pull back on the interstate

perception entertains the brain

background harmonica and orchestra

radio playing Midnight Cowboy

and I begin perfecting my daydreams

when she suggests

reciprocity is only fair

but have to depart at the next exit

a client in waiting

so I oblige

and head forward alone

a vehicle with a siren careening past

on the other side of the interstate

nothing new under the sun

how many more hours

how much will it take

as I pass a couple state lines

the strength of my heart queries

about something that doesn’t exist

so, I shift gears

and lightly press the accelerator

chance, a road sign reads

missed links buried in the past

it is what it is

my eyes blink in slow motion

are my dreams my only reality?