Rhythms: By Horse & Crest

Source. Pexels.

by Lisa Marie Popp


The easiest way to describe him

is to compare him with the rest of the world

   A rider is a man

   from his birth,

He was born in a stable

on the back of the horse of time

with him, the heart argued, not the mind

with aching arms and bleeding feet

he died where the range and ocean meet,

just laid down on the quiet lap of Earth

   Cool and deep,

   where the wind is asleep,

   floats the Sea of Faith, Equestrian Dreams,

   and the needle, with an equal mind,

   the compass can’t tell which way is best

   By man and horse and the crest.

Now the great winds shoreward flow

Now the salt tears seaward flow

    while the wild white horses play

    chafe and gallup and toss in he spray

Boot, rider, to horse and away.


He had a heart of furious fancies

of which he was commander

    with a burning spear

    and a horse of air

to the wilderness he’d wander

and i’d look after all the phantasmic philosophies

in which he was a part-time philanderer.

In all the live murmur of a Summer’s day,

He who loses himself, loses his misery

    with a cup of beer

    and a fast Horse near.


There is no secret so close

as that between a Rider

and his Horse.

The omnipotent art of high equitations,

he’d sigh a certain way

and the horse came spurring in a blaze,

in truth, he was a stealing steed

Running like the wind,

challenging the weather

He flung himself upon the beast

and rode madly off in all directions,

His life purpose was indeed

to someday find

another Horse of that color.


Was it yesterday

they rode away,

Was I long alone?

Solemn shadows on the lonely land,  

    Boot, Rider, to Horse still

    Black horses come flying by

    Round the world with unshut eye

    Never stop, never stay,

    never tried

And the pale horse

who stood still and heard the dreadful cry,

the roar of some pained lion who all day

walked with the hunter’s bullet in his side

and comes at night to die upon the sand.


When life seems tedious as a tired horse

and walking thru rainwater my arm stings

I close salty eyes

and see to my surprise

A wish

for a Horse with wings.

    The pounding beat of gallop sings

    thru vivid veins vision painlessly flows:

To see a Lady upon a White Horse,

and she shall have music

wherever she goes!