Rhythms: Camouflage

trendy woman with lantern on pier near lake Photo by Kamil Rybarski on Pexels.com

by LJ Frank

ink drips from the page

news broken with disinformation 

a corrupted Fox’s semen  


giving birth to an angst

possessing an insolubility 


fear is a calculated strategy 

 and the politics of the sartorial

is merely street fashion

the private affairs of a voyeur 

are an exhibitionist’s weave

legs spread to receive a Bullish Market

the eye of impulse is irresistible  

visualized unequaled in a film noir…

and a man carries a remote channel selector 

walking down Sunset Boulevard

past varied shades of fashionable greys

and flashes of color

the charm of need and want is merely an inflation

for the man in Christian Louboutin high heels knows

as does the woman in Santoni Isaac V1 Cap Toe Oxfords –

they are ahead of the learning curve…

the question is to whose benefit is the System

should I walk out the front or back door 

perhaps there’s a horse at Churchill downs 

i need to bet on

while the gates to the track are open…

but do we know what really happened to Nietzsche 

upon witnessing a horse being hit in the head

for the Madman runs through streets yelling we have killed Him…

and yet 

opinions were boundless during th last Reformation

and a new one is upon us

which happens in this case to be the name 

of a thoroughbred at the starting gate

and while i look forward to the race

a napkin floats down from the spectator stands 

 with three words jotted in ink

the Enigma of Three

is it anger, fear and paranoia i wonder-

a bitter taste on the sacred tongue

from three basses, three periods, three strikes 

to the Three faces of Eve 

and the Trinity

but that’s a horse in another race…

why does being humane require a higher power

wasn’t the human heart created with the God gene

still, we have no resources to spend on that

better to spend it on this

to vacationing places no one else can afford

yet the people i met growing up 

knew there was little difference

than let us say 

the present hour…

what is money to the rich compared to the poor

isn’t oatmeal more nourishing than fish eggs?