Rhythms: Consultations ~ Now Interviewing

Source. Pexels. Jansel Ferma, Photographer

by LJ Frank

beguiled by a fertile tale

rooted in an ancient proverb

adapted nicely into a belief system –

devotion to an invisible Awe 

to gain the world and lose the soul 

is rather ambiguous

in today’s currency

for the money plate beckons 

with a gospel of prosperity

and even when tasks are insufficient to survive

add another job for shelter, food, and conscience

Elijah was fed by ravens

countless openings exist 

but keep in mind 

signs on the front door, grass, and pavement

are mostly political statements 

reality is an engine of a different vehicle,

for countless applications are archived –

insufficient skill set, age, personality, looks or whatever

and the ever present – too smart for this job,

or comments on social media set the stage

while others sit on their hands, 

but if you’re willing to work for minimum wage 

or less, 

survival can be achieved when combined 

with something else – like driving a semi-truck.

And occasionally the music intercedes –

a Martini, Manhattan, or Syrah 

cavorting in a District of Columbia bar

while others sit in front of their local computer

with inclinations that perhaps all is a lie

so, dreams of the pocket listings and a yacht at the marina

are but carrots at the end of a prickly stick

knowing full well that the grateful alive are connected    

with the appropriate networks in place.

The politician salaciously grins and murmurs

money and more money for the deserved life

while the aging thoroughbred sips bourbon

and regales his comrades that his home 

is surrounded by bluegrass fed horses

the specialist enters a code

aligning the digital files in another state of being

with informed consent

and the skirts and zippers, part

the spread sheet is now open

the transfer begins

people enjoying others’ earnings 

and publishing them as secrets 

the best sellers are placed in a technicolor setting

and wealth winks and sings an alternate tune.

the patriot chokes up with tears 

the soul’s tithing is near at hand

as the ministers of noblesse oblige retreat 

to their heavens on Earth

while assessing the moral leanings of society 

frolicking on a thong crowded sandy beach 

but as any missionary knows

eye contact is best for eye contact,

though dominance prefers 

the style of a dog

what else is there to do

when you’re not sufficiently productive 

under the prevailing system of economic justice,

as entertainment can be costly even on a gridiron

regardless, it’s best to use a sheath

for the mushroomed brain 

inhaling and exhaling numbers

while a conductor of sorts waves his ink pen

and the spirited figure in the street 

dances to a jazz ballet yet to be written.