Rhythms: Death Mother

Source: Lisa Marie Popp

by Lisa Marie Popp

You came as sleep, slowly

when I woke

things had a deep-blue look.

You dressed as night, but

behind the stars

I saw dark flashes of your body.

And as for dreams,

how many you tempt me with!

You never tire of hopeful deceptions.

As though I stood in need of such visions

of bleeding and blood

to move me to acknowledge your power, Mother.

Baby, when you were born

you taught the world to dream, but

you died before you lived.

Mother is the least of things to be feared

because while she is me, she is not

and when she comes I am not,

so we never meet at all.

Mother, you have lived all times in me

and me in you, inside darkness,

and not to know you is

not to know myself.