Rhythms: evolving identity

Credit: george-gvasalia-RbtncehTfmQ-unsplash

by LJ Frank

identity is never static

born into a biological gender

is the mere beginning of a possibility

not to be confused as a translation

for what is man or woman or both

that is the nature of stardust…

i absorb knowledge

 against a backdrop of experience and study

what will happen when i pass by 

a reflective surface

and ask

from which did I descend 

for the fashion of survival 

creates an imbalance in the perceived stasis

and the poverty of an immobile mind

strangles the breath

while the brain seeks the simplest of solutions

as to that which has altered an appearance

the perception within of an exterior face 

an honest heart knows best 

you and i evolve at our own pace

and the destinations are the same

it’s the horizon of the eternal void

wasn’t it the same before our birth

and what happens to the human soul

after the planet perishes…

there is ultimately no secret or hidden wisdom

that’s just a pillar of those who seek monetary gain 

how much of a single life is lived on the surface

yet aching silently the heart voices 

“I’m here”

and the exterior noise gives one pause

within the minute’s paranoia 

while i adjust the numbers 

on the lottery ticket of existence

and my eyes blink at the passing glance of a stranger

as if we knew each other.