Rhythms: Gender in the Abstract

Credit: The Monolith. A 2001 Space Odyssey (1968) Stanley Kubrick, Director

by LJ Frank

are not masculine and feminine

social constructs

to enhance the wanting divide

the imagination’s expectation

for isn’t a male simply a female

with a penis

and a female simply a male

with a vagina

or gender variation thereof

aside from minor attributes

of biology

ardor is a way of making a living

and the inserting and implanting

of one’s manipulations

with the breast but one example

of persuasion

along with the accumulation of emotional wealth

as the future eventually will be a thing of the past

a matter of adaptation to one’s environment

for categories inevitably lead to an autopsy

of human thought

with legs parted

and the head immersed

into the divine wetness

of the brain

the heart becomes a study in contrast

and context

and the existential arrives in sharp focus

perhaps genders and combination thereof

are unoriginal in the cosmos

while conscience and consciousness

are sparsely seeded

unevenly distributed in the star dust

of the living matter

embedded in rocks or perhaps monoliths

careening through space

but isn’t it inevitable

as the ancient prophet proclaimed

those who recognize their maleness in female

and femaleness in male

they will enter the heaven

spread out before them

less their separation leads to the pounding of chests

and before the ending arrives

as surely it will

the lonely gaze of awareness reveals

that the version of the planet

that lies before them –

is a draft of their own creation.