Rhythms: in dedication ~ a voice in the wilderness

Source: Pexels

by LJ Frank

the coolness of a morning breath  


in the warmth 

of a summer afternoon …

a leaf breaks off

and floats to the ground

words lodged in the brain 

trickle down to the tongue 

from an impassioned mind 

but only the heart can recall 

the forgotten canticle 

a misplaced photograph

the distant image  

a facial expression 


blurred by time,

a tear of sadness 

another from joy 

a longing for a season

now past …  


a whisper of confidences 

we acknowledged  

our truths were ours…

I grasped your fingers 

kissed your cheek, 

a soft smile emerged


our eyes met

for the depth of a moment

your lips moved  

speaking with the aloneness

of a voice in the wilderness…

I held your hand 


and then calm 


not to let go.