Rhythms: Induced Memory ~ A Memory That Never Actually Occurred

Source. Pexels. :elek Dridi, Photographer

by LJ Frank



an Induced Memory

is a memory of something or someone

that never occurred in reality’s embrace, 

it begins with a tale one wants to believe

so, one conspires with a “thou”

reflections from a Fable

 an awareness of a wanting perception

with claims to be greater than “I”

deceit hides under a nom de plume

and then entices with who and what is actual,

the feces of false evidence

digested, and defecated  

the truth is now defiled

to fecundate a faux patriotic cause

spiced with the bowel movement of deception.


a fraudulent authority greedy

with money hidden from the light

expedited through oligarchical corridors

while lobbyists milk the genitals

of desirous malleable brains

and strap-on deposits are fitted

for the loins of waxed accounts

while lying on the desk of privilege

legs spread in the shape of victory

pointing towards the mirror on the ceiling,

and Freud’s ghost realizes he was born too early.

the voyeur yearns to peek

agreements of the ambiguous phallus

initialized in a Sisyphus trickery

bacterium on the dotted line next to the “X”

as a passerby to this Faustian theater

waves a banner with acronymic thought

while devouring a green apple of knowledge –

is there such a thing as an ecological killing

amid the technological metabolism of a tribe

that waits for deliverance from the self

for one must ask

who sits on the right hand of their God?


and a memory induced possesses

a characteristic flaw

adrift in the wilderness of its own devices

for if one wishes to sow chaos and discord

it’s through the tracheotomy of the soul

with liberty begetting a defaced advertisement

the crowd enamored with its own disenchanted voices

and doubt is a common human denominator

of which machines are not encumbered

while the prophets shake their heads

for there’s been a misunderstanding of their words

a cry echoes from the Mounds of Inspiration

and what once may have been

a stillness within

is now a tremulous actor

for the numinous is without translation.