Rhythms: Intimacy Redefined

Credit: Cheryl Mann, Photographer

by LJ Frank

the “I” envisions


the Nefresh, Rucah or Neshamah  

or shall we say…the breath

of self-disclosure

forthcoming revelatory scenes


the Great Filter in the Fermi paradox 

does human existence

have its limitations

from non-organic matter

still, life might be a Nirvana or Hades regardless

a blink in the eternal darkness

are the eyes of the envious deities blinded

by their own light

a stream filtered with bitter and sweet taste

the glory holistic is an abstract

hung on an expressionistic wall

the stimulant of a minute’s choice

and the mask complexes the froth

latex retains a sensual presence

alas…the number is unavailable and unlisted

but the solstice has it Earthly place

as the planet whirls in the void

which is anything but empty as far we know

and will the Age of Aquarius become

more than astral musings of an aspiration

wearing sandals betraying celebrious toes 

with freedom contemplating wealth

or is there something much deeper

for what is this cry within

the body lying in a bed not of one’s own choice 

the mind dances in a field of a clear night

looking at the stars…alone and bright

the offering is only visible if we look

for coping is a coordinate in a mechanistic universe

but how does one define the future of the intimate

will it be like a touch-less carriage wash

and acknowledge the vehicle still gets wet

or is the complexity of our sensuous & violent existence


as the brain works to simplify until it’s no longer able

the voice within urges the soul to be still

the existential nods its head

the actual begins to question itself

does the allegorical have a child

 as intimacy is redefined.