Rhythms: Narcissistic Leavings & the US Supreme Court, rev. ed.

Narcissus. Pompeian Fresco

by LJ Frank


a dream or nightmare of conscience

Thomas More’s Utopia is of little use

the face in the mirror is a camouflage of an anti-hero,

a neo-morality of innovation economics

follow the money abides

narcisscitic fantasies in brute force 

 co-equal has evolved into the reflection of “I”

the poetic spirit of Rainer Maria Rilke seeks a conscience

while mercenaries of the Right deliberate under dark robes

and the elite watch from an island…

the amorphous state of affairs are labeled

 anti-eroticism of the geographic, economic, and politic…

with Variations on a Greek theme


an 18th century document is hailed

designed for adaptation was the thought

and filtered down through the walls

of the noirish 1935 Marble Palace

the cadence of intent, motive, and private interests

disclaimers unbound

and clerks scurry between offices

hearts palpitating with dockets in the shadows 

pointed accusations to castigate the Others –

for the very thing one is guilty of,

and liberal or conservative depends

on the subject, the time, and the place

democracy is a useful tool

with a questionable future relevance

yet authoritarianism has outlived its raison d’être

and the entrails of rhetoric bleed profusely  

as capitalism is for the illiterate masses

while the elite minded relish socialism

in velvet roped off suites

and language is but a veil 

for the justices understand fear and trembling

and how to use it to their advantage

the manipulations of the brain’s cells

 allows for the desired polarizing effect

nothing is un-purposely leaked or hidden

for there is no Lucifer, no Mephistopheles, no Satan, No Beelzebub,

No Prince of Darkness, no Djinn, No Diablo, no Fallen Angel.

nor is there a Yahweh, no Jehovah, no Allah, no God,

all such words are inventions of man’s mind

to ease the pain of an existential aloneness

regardless of an invisible Creator

for salvation through faith is alive even if agnostic

and such is the nature of the comfort food of thought


the justices know the techniques of inspiration –

 the crowd in irony wants someone greater than them

and so, the justices know that redirection is to their benefit

ignorance is more effective than literacy

for rulings are issued in religious like ritual

take it personal or not

what are admonitions in effect

a dystopia morality overshadows the court’s existence

while there are those who ponder

whether they should join the corruption

while activists  take to the streets for a missing link

still others watch from the sidewalks in their heads

as if it was another spectator sport

while John of Revelations eats his sacred mushrooms.