Carina Nebula. Credit, NASA

by Sarah Wise*

In a moment before ——- time

An everlasting moment

where truly, no thing existed

Hard to describe, but. 

It was all that was and was not. 

No colour, no words, no description. 

Just an everlasting moment of no thing. 

Not a god nor a lack there of. 

No lock, no key.

Then one minute particle of no thing chose to believe. 

In this moment, so did belief come into existence.

Out of no thing, came one thing. 

A light of no colour came on. 

The light shone bright, glimmering in belief. 

Looking around, belief experienced hope. 

Hope that maybe more no things would believe and transform.

And one by one.

More lights of belief lit up.

For they saw that this colourless light was real so they changed from 

no thing 


some thing.

By the very existence of these one thing lights so then did no thing become 


A duality was formed. 

No thing ignored the one things for they were so small and seemingly without meaning. 

But from one things’ belief, and hope,

so then did this colourless light spread. 

And spread fast it did. 

At the speed of light.

Time came into existence.

Light travelled in Time and Space was created.

No thing became fearful of this colourless light and tried to turn it back into no thing. 

But one thing had become some thing of its own-

A chord. 

A great fight broke out. 

The biggest fight that has ever been known. 

The no light of no thing 


the colourless light of one thing. 

One thing transformed into 

Great chariots of light racing across Space. 

Rainbows of colourless light dancing in the heavens

Evolving into whatever it believed it could



Countless eons went by until 

The colourless light of one thing became 

So Bright 



that she expanded herself, opening her mouth and swallowing no thing whole. 

No thing fought inside her stomach and she exploded herself 

Great light and darkness split across space in a 



of Belief.

Chords of every kind

bringing being

and essence 

into all space. 

-For out of no thing had come one thing creating duality. 

But when the light of one thing had exploded with no thing so did they unite in non-duality. 

The stars

the sun








and all that is. 

all that we are

no thing and one thing. 



*Sarah Wise, from Melbourne, Australia & NPJ Contributor

Sarah, a student of philosophy, is dedicated to truth and believes that love and integrity are essences that uphold truth. Her philosopher of the week is Diogenes. She is working towards producing short works that makes complex philosophy accessible. Sarah has recently finished her first novella titled “Malevolent Microbiology, Hearing Voices and Crossing Dimensions”