Rhythms: nothing is meant to be

Source: Daria Shevtsova, Photographer for life • Curation @pexels

by LJ Frank


is meant to be

though at times it appears

to be the uncertain Will of God

but such is a human attempt

to engage

the language of an invisible Architect –

accidents have a cause

even when perceived as chance

the essence of time folding

 is yet to be fully grasped

the wind receives ceaseless invocations

each minute of an hour filled with pleas

 and another person struggles to cope 

with trust

and such things as war is just a matter 

of investment and the profit margin

while guns are designed for legalized murder

to kill is a recreation of angst

a diversionary tactic

to keep the crowd engaged 

while wealth is amassed at the expense of ignorance

and science is imperfect at best

and merely an initial step –

towards a better understanding of to exist

while superstition and following the stars

is preferred by those who want

eccentric meanings

still, nature has the final word

regardless of the politics of a plague

leaked or not

reaction to an accident is of little difference

to that of an assassination

battles have been fought and raged

over much less

and in an interpretation 

of an ancient African saying 

if you’re not standing on the edge 

you’re taking up

too much space…

while the footprint of reason

is more secure than fear.