Rhythms: OM ~ “and the heart continues on its journey”

Credit: LJ Franl, Photographer

by LJ Frank

a branch creaks from the fresh

humid breeze

nearby aspen leaves quake

a distant thunder shakes the sky

the haunting sound of OM infuses the air

a streak of light brightens the night

the rain arrives

sounds of water drops pelt the metal roof

breathing deep

the fragrance of pines fills my senses

standing on the covered wood plank porch

the rush of water splashes over boulders

 planted in a nearby mountain stream

the minute is slow

the morning drive is on schedule

a future away

she waits

nature exhales

birds nestle in the trees  

quiet envelopes my being

the spirits of nature are still

yet once again

the haunting sound of OM

spreads through the forest…

and the heart continues on its journey.