Rhythms: Power of Conspiracy

Source. Pexels. Markus Spiske, Photographer

by LJ Frank  

Vast conspiracies are too problematic 

to encompass all

who initiates them and for what intent,

is it all about control and coins in the coffer,

lives unfulfilled within caged minds

entangled with Medieval gossip

literacy and illiteracy are complicated

mesmerized does not replace reason

secrets are best kept if one talks only to oneself

the human mind is a labyrinthine blend 

emotions, thoughts, and a silent gaze 

a passage emanating from within

belief is a complex process of endurance 

and patience with the I”

the desire for affirmation is related to redemption

salvation was created by people seeking

a salve to their questions of meaning –

the physics of heaven and hell are human designed

and the dead are not talking about their current state

voiceless quiet is perhaps the caress

of a simple drop of rain on the face 

a whispering of grace from a past life

as attempt to embrace a spirit just out of reach

 and a reminder lest we forget

that schemes are for those with empty minds

and wasted hearts.