Rhythms: Seeking “Om” in Consolation

Source. Pexels. Cottonbro, Photographer

by LJ Frank

intent, aim and desire

primitive junctures

and detours of thought 

 emotion and reason evolve

a recurring breath

of ancient Enlightenments

uttered in poem over a primeval fire 

entrapped if wanting to fit in

authority manipulates those wishing to be Authorized

in the languages of consciousness and conscience

the metaphors of antediluvian bloodletting 

sex and death embraced with cinematic hues 

and lips articulate the deception

as charlatans need attention if they wish to gain control

and scribes revise sacred texts written and hallowed by men

while the cruor is a clot from the wound of the lie  

and disinformation is presented as truth

democracy dies amid the lust for sole power

the tribalized wanting to fill their material life

in the Name of the Nameless Sacred

yet the cello plays in the gothic mansion 

as the Lord’s piano is out of tune

 and musical notes are scribbled on parchment

 to justify a tactical posture

knowing that the eternal life is like a faded ankh tattoo 

and redemption evolves from the medicine of magic

the baptizer sprinkles water on the head

but who is wise enough to determine,

whom should live, and whom, should not,

other than the birther,

and in the cathedral like bathing room of the brain

there are whispered longings of a jaded past

while others wait in line for a sip 

from the olivewood cup of communion, 

symbolic offerings of a ghostly salvation

inscribed and encrypted with praise  

inspirations of dominance and submission

and hearsay to be studied to justify a theology of belonging

as the kingdom of heaven is spread out before all

according to the Gospel of Thomas in the Nag Hammadi Library

and still visions have a common theme

though not all wafers are the fertile bread of life 

when did murder become killing or was it the converse,

partisanship is the legal tender 

the witchery of laws are filled with superstition

for there is no such thing as a peaceful exiting of conflict

and closure is an illusion until the body turns to dust

chaos became family at the umbilical cord’s cutting

for war’s misunderstandings were instinctive in the beginning

and Man designed “God” as the chief actor in history

with attributes in his own image

and knowing the genetics of blood lust will thrive 

until the next Renaissance or Reformation

or, when the last human gazes up at the fading heavens

Seeking “Om” in Consolation.