Rhythms: Summer Heat!

Credit: Taryn Elliot, Pexels

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

 Candles lit

a poem read

the moist air  


humidity of a summer heat

my eyes closed

beads of sweat form

small rivulets

an offering 

from the skin’s pores

drip down my breasts


I savor your touch

laying vulnerable and open

a trace of honey you pour onto my navel

the taste is sweet you whisper

I listen to the silence

your tongue then explores

as you move your lips

you gently stroke 

the wetness 

your fingers are intertwined in the curls

eyelids want to open

as I feel your firmness against my thigh

I want to taste what you taste 

your kisses are soft

then demanding 

the moist air merges with us

I reach for you

slowly circling 

the flicker of movement makes me hungry

eyes stay closed, 

my body aches 

desire allows me to be led

please look 

I gasp  

the dance is vivid 

beyond imagery………