Rhythms: The Artist *

Susie Q, Photographer

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

Standing still,  

a few brief moments

we embrace 

You gently kiss me while the moon rises 

A brightness in the night sky is formed  

My inner most deeply guarded trust in you 

spread for days like Silvadene

soothing the burns of my past hurts.

Art is my journey into a world of reality

fantasy rekindles a spark inside me, 

a talent I am so proud to reveal to you.  

Your heart beats, full of mystery 

I can taste the sweetness of your smile.  

In awe of you, I want to paint us 

as golden as the sunrise, 

with pockets of passion flowering pink, 

while we step into the sea, 

our bodies glisten from the beauty of nature. 

When I paint us together, lying facing the other, 

our backs to the observer, it awakens me.  

I look at you, you are a work of art, 

in your own right, 

with your strong outline that allows me to stroke my paintbrush 

and capture what we feel, 

and you pull my hair back from my face and gaze into my eyes. 

It’s that magical moment as I see us in my mind’s eye. 

I feel you in my core, where our flesh meets on canvas.

That canvas shows our love. 

It reminds me of my own insight 

as a woman opening me up 

to consider that past 

forever ingrained in my mind, 

the times that I can never forget.  

I remember how I watched you, 

how you looked at me, 

and how I considered your beckoning whisper   

You brought me to places I knew existed, 

and let me taste the sweetness, like that mango juice, 

dripping from both of our chins. 

My spirit and flesh met you halfway, until we came together.  

My eyes still burn, after all these years, 

I still see you in my dreams, and in my art.  

My tears fall slowly down my cheeks, I

 taste the salt like the waters we swam into, 

weeks before you were gone.  

So many years later, your scent still lingers 

in the air around me……

and I pray you are in a better place.

*Based on a memory that has stayed with me for so many years, he died, and I knelt at his head while resuscitation efforts were being administered.  It was a drowning. I still remember it as if it was yesterday……he used to come to me in dreams for approximately 10 years, until I told him in the last dream that he had to stop, and he did.

The Sea