Rhythms: “the cloaking of a gracious, earthy life…”

Credit: Robert Rauschenberg, Artist

by LJ Frank

without disguise or pretext

an endearing, gracious friend

central casting placed her

in a pivotal role

on a stage where she could perform

 possessing a youthful mind and romantic eyes

and storing fanciful, sensitive insights within

though nurturing was wanting when she was a child

and experiences accumulated

when an opportunity was revealed

offering a guileless smile amid any struggle

 for she knew

joy occurs in a breath

and even in meditation

the air is inhaled

and exhaled in rhythm

but then a sensation entered her flesh

moments attempted to extend the hour

but the next few days

were transformed into minutes

care was intensive

breathing grew more arduous

it was the calling card of a virus

and the child of her womb was not there

 umbilical cord severed years before

but the hope remained

for their health and happiness

as existence is but a series of breaths

and then a message from a nurse –

my dear friend’s body

died this morning


without a confidant’s touch

save the memory of her gracious, earthy life.