Rhythms: The Healing

Source. Pexels. Cottonbro, Photographer

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

An adagio


across a meadow of flowers

and like a butterfly charmed

by the sweetness of your nectar

 you arrived like a mist

seeping through my windowsill,

I didn’t recognize the face, 

yet you conveyed an intense vision, 

clocked in a dark veil

a warrior within

were you the magician, 

 what were you thinking,  

was it just my fantasy on All Hollow’s Eve?

For Halloween is my birthday, 

and I imagined you would appear,

that you would brandish a wand to realign my soul

as a bearer of the season, 

you never once spoke……..until tonight.

many years now gone by when I asked,

but your silence drew me closer

until you would disappear in the moonlit night.  

still, I felt your presence envelop me, 

restless is the spirit wanting to reveal itself 

an energy without boundary

like a seductive fable

vigor has its place 

like a legend to safe keep the feminine 

that in turn offers balance

Your hand is a cup, 

you tell me to sip from it, 

and I will become a queen, 

as fearless as you…

is love the ultimate source of courage

the feminine beckons

to realign our lives into one soul

let go of my hunger, you taste my lips

they are as warm as honey 

let go of your past, and I will show you my future

we let go of our dreams    

except the one meant to heal,

For it is there we embrace in harmony 

the force of nature.