Rhythms: The Obscurity

blue and green color abstract painting Photo by Mudassir Ali on Pexels.com

by LJ Frank

Buried in the tombs

of ancient history

hundreds of centuries

Before the Common Era

fragments of papyri

depict humans

as animals without remorse

historians from Herodotus,

Ban Zhao, Siam Quian, 

Tacitus, Livy,

Thucydides and even Berossos 

and others with slender traces

of writings and inscriptions 

amid critics possessed with varied opinions, 

Asian, Near Eastern, African myths & others

a hidden verity waiting to become a gospel,

the animal in humans repeats itself 

up to the present high technology minute, 

one admits that chronological age

is different than the biological

 particularly from an economic perspective

intelligence and wisdom can be expensive;

Age is an economic matter, 

greater than a behavioral one, 

when deciding the fate of another human  

affected and infected by a decision

just perhaps not their own,

but isn’t that the history of humankind

the chronological age of a person 

is not determinant of a life lived 

and though wit may leave an impression 

in books filled with quotes, 

witticisms are not a mark of wisdom 

and the ruse of the ruler is simply


Biological age is connected

to the physical and emotional 

since primitive humans walked the landscape

the ills of the flesh is heir to heritage,

though the brain is ever awake 

and yet fails when unused or manipulated 

genetics is a determinant in our destiny

and to be misled comes with a price; 

All ages have their warring struggles 

lacking the imagination of peace 

the animal in humans is a matter of evolution

as is adoration

sin is a convenient word invented by humans 

but is not deep enough

for the evolutionary evidence at hand

the human mind seeks the simplest

move and motive

on the chessboard of existence;

My premise is that all living matter 

within the expanding universe or multiverse 

is seeded with the ability to think

with a moral sense, learned or natural, 

still our fate is a matter of chance 

confounded by one’s environment 

and the economics of avarice

and opportunity,

 with a single question remaining

as the human brain appears

to be still evolving, 

but with the ever-receding possibility

of a revelatory intervention

will we become a fossilized-foot print

into The Obscurity?