Rhythms: The Silence of the Mythic Hero

Old man walking in alley

by LJ Frank

the genesis of the mythic hero

I did not seek

but found nonetheless

not of an aristocratic or patrician class

noblesse oblige was

hardly ever benevolent

the heroic heart was revealed

In the marginalia of a soiled manuscript

and save those conjured up in the mind

midst the pretense of salvation

while in defense of the wronged

it was all in the human imagination

as a counterpoint to life’s harsh realities

in a world that was and is a temporary refuge

still the flesh washes ashore

on the hardened particles of blood and sand


the mythic heroes of the past and present

created to honor the piety of the struggles

to aid those too weak to fend for themselves

 any person may achieve mythic status

physical dominance is unnecessary

rather it is the strength of character

and the undaunted courage to be humble

 in recognition that the mirrored image of “I”

is the brain’s wish for the simplest translation  


when one becomes a model

for another person’s life

such roles can easily be transformed

into out-sized proportions

as people are persuaded to seek

that which they already possess



for competition and the isms of creeds

are created for a purpose

with the miscast ritual of self-loathing 

reason seeks to bear tidings of insight

that the beats of the heart are measured

regardless of one’s diligence

and the mind cautions

not to be a flight risk to the body


to guide the manifestation of the mythical

a form of self-awareness may evolve

like a Buddha and Christ consciousness

as written in the Gospel of Thomas

for Jesus says, “He who drinks from my mouth

will become as I am, and I shall be he”


thus, there are no failures in life

for how does one fail

comparison is a deceptive psychology

data can mean anything I wish

whose definitions and rules are being played

for in the eyes of the birthing mother

there’s no such meanings


and to open a door is an achievement  

as viewed through the window of conscience 

for the genetics of agendas are for those

relishing control of others

so, care must occur for the adventurer

who must be wary of

the master of inflated, phallic mime 


it’s of dubious gain

as to what exists exterior to the brain

wealth and power is a game of common deception

archetypes are irrelevant

to the flame that will consume the Earth

all knowledge feels like a vagabond  

within a planet’s cosmological context

 and no one can assume the burden or bliss

of another’s inner voice

for the silence of the mythically heroic

dwells within the plight of each human heart.