Rhythms: The Un-Wedding Ceremony

Credit: The Kiss (1969). Pablo Picasso. Artist.

by LJ Frank

solemn music emanated from above

permeating the cathedral’s nave

banners hanging in uplifting reverence

the light was a spiritual shower

through tall, arched stained glass windows

as if in prayerful meditation

fresh flowers arranged in colorful vases

placed on engraved pedestals

the fragrance was beguiling

this side of a Bless You

the fashion and glamour of self-awareness

a different hue and tone of desire

the couple knelt at the altar

an invocation shared in murmurs

the ordained minister graciously nodded

and the confessor’s veil was lifted and untied

from that which had been knotted

with rituals, rules and sanctions like a baroque adagio

followed by a French kiss

and a soon to be ex-partner

the sign of a new beginning

the organist pressed down on the keys

his pipe organ voiced in celebration

a Bach like pronouncement filled the air

and the parishioners knowingly approved  

with lips stretched across their faces

in praise.


still, it would be a lengthy day

as others were waiting in queue

though fraught with polarized familiarity

now minted

with innovative allegiances

amid ecclesiastical and political theatre

and the expertise of financial trappings  

a stream of conscious behavior anew

infusing the hushed palpitations

the spirit of the time brought tasteful joy –

and rose pedals greeted the couple

as they exited the sanctuary apart

with two taxis waiting next to the curb

and the drivers wearing tuxedos

standing erect

with boxes of chocolate in hand as an offering

and the Truth was affixed on top –

A Revised Translation of Wisdom.