Rhythms: To Touch the Humane Face of a Caring Imagination

Source. Pexels. Johannes Plenio, Photographer

by LJ Frank


is the castaway of the mind 

the raft of the human spirit

adrift and degraded

compassion lost in the accumulation of capital 

empty promises made

looking at a watery reflection

a glimmer continues to recede…

the onset of dystopia 

given unwanted breath

the livelihood of existence


dreams are only dreams

surreal at times

textures of hurt, love and desire

navigational charts in red ink

the countenance of a wealthy person

differs how 

than the one without cash or credit

the existential smile or frown

time passes 

measured or not

some voices wanting it to be so

while others enjoy the fruits

of their minute of glory

the burden of the sacred


there are no mysteries

to ignoring conscience

but what will remain 


to touch 

the humane face of a caring imagination.