Rhythms: Universal Spring

Source. Pexels. Zumrad Normativa, Photographer

by Lisa Marie Popp


Dear Sunshine Star,

Do you know the Moon?

Sign in a Paris elevator:

Please leave your values at the front desk.

Green I love you green

Greeen of the wind.

Green of the rain.

Green branches.

The ship far out to sea.

The horse above on the mountain.

Dark at her waist 

She’s dreaming there on the terrace,

Green of her cheek, green hair,

with eyes like chilly silver.

Green I love you green

Under the moon of gypsies

Stars are looking at her

But she can’t return their glances.

Wandering the Library

Letters Sent or Unscent

A drawer full of old photos

A drawer full of love & pain

Rocks,caves,lakes,ferns,bogs,dens and shades of death.

the coolest of all

the planets crosses

the sky

the round, magnificent

star-filled watermelon.

Spider, be


I’m rolling


My shadow was sad

When I took the sand

Of the gleaming beach.