Rhythms: Where are you Jorge Mario Bergoglio? *

Credit. Hunger 2. Michele Dick, Artist

by LJ Frank


silver spoon theologies politicized

slither over the airwaves with tongue in cheek

talk radio glibly enunciates the bold lie

while hosts speak from their teeth

still, the cruelest of lies are hidden

in silence

and the highest technologies equal bloodshed

war has no doors or fences

still, songs of inspiration raise

Churchillian voices echo

in the cathedrals, temples, synagogues

and ancestral shrines

never, never, ever give up…

yet somehow it all rings hollow

to the child kneeling on the barren soil

in hunger

as a vulture waits for its meal.


is a virus preferable to a bullet?

or machete piercing the flesh

 another suspect, another innocent

enslaved, cudgeled, and imprisoned

gender, race, height, weight, and age

are meshes of control

so, the gut can impede the strangle

of the truth

what exists in your yesterday?

no surprises please

while a politician argues

 to legislate the uterus

rather than the penis,

for the Republic’s Supreme Court

has outlived its efficacy of fairness

and justice is out of balance

while legal textures veer to the hard right

the metaphors of high courts

called into question as democracy fades

finality is not the language

of Man’s deities.


artificial intelligence, nuclear weapons,

global warming

in a universe

with no beginning or ending

for there was never any nothing

mere cycles of endless rebirths

and science fiction is now


and the semen and the egg 

are a complicated sensual affair

but will sex outlive it usefulness

and will humanoids beget humanoids?


Genesis is a primitive, naturalistic voice

of superstition, and fear

in which the reign of the phallus

witnessed an opportunity

but rebirth and reform are cause for hope

reason is the creative seed

implanted in the human brain

and was that not the original



the mythologies and theologies are ancient

liberation is ever waiting

Buenos Aires is a cut jewel in Argentina

and the Vatican overflows with vested rituals

while tribes of worldly Medieval thought

effectuate pain from their dogmas

for in the margin of a Summa Theologica copy

Thomas Aquinas’ note was scribbled

I thought I knew but have yet to discover

an utterance followed by quiet

materialized in Nietzsche’s murmur

in the existential cry of madness –

we have killed God

what has Man done to Man

how shall we now translate love?


*Pope Francis