Rhythms: You!

Credit: Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, Photographer

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

I walked away from you

You, the most sensual person that I had ever encountered

You, who brought me flowers when I was sad

You, who dried my tears and held me

Touched me softly, sweetly…

kissed me tenderly

as you built up the familiar

a deeper yearning inside of me

like a flower ready to bloom

I so desired you,

your body was blessed with a golden sunlight

reflected from places I didn’t know existed,

a hardness, growing, throbbing


I felt your hands once again

the emotion in your fingers

a seductive rhythm across my flesh

your lips invited me to want more

there was that time that I looked deep into your eyes,

and I felt you in that warm place

that made me shiver

with wonder and delight

could I ever again feel such ecstasy again

as you entered me

our passion grew

a lust, a need, a want


until we reached

that point of no return,

my nakedness was yours