Short Story:  Have you ever been experienced?

Source. Pexels. Nataliya Vaitkevich, Photographer

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

The place was crowded. No smoking allowed. But I did detect a faint hint of cannabis drifting in from the restaurant patio. Except for one barstool… where his leg rested. I slid on to the cushioned seat pushing him aside. “You saving this seat?”

“Nah.” He appeared amused.

” So, what’s up” I began, “what have you been up to, where have you been hiding??” 

He leaned his head back…he was amused and then he squinted and said,” I’ve been doing some post-doctoral work in the mysteries of psychedelics at Berkeley, working in the cannabis industry for a few years, but I hated the politics and so I came back here and decided to start my own business.” 

“You always were good with your hands.” I said out loud enough to be heard above surrounding chatter. “I mean, you were always innovative, you know, you liked to try new things.”  I felt the heat rise to my face as I looked away from him.  Jason was one of my many flings at a time when I was into the casual side of sex.   

He laughed, “Thanks, I like it even better now, watching the flowers grow into my own premium crop, seeing them enjoyed by others. It’s going ok in this neck of the woods; Colorado is a cool place…fun so far.”

“I’ve heard you’re in high demand all over the state. That is, the weed that you grow.”

He looked at me and asked. “What about you? Do you like it here? It seems to suit you, your style.”

“Yeah, it is and does fit my style. Thanks. I’m still learning a lot,” I said thoughtfully. “I’ve been doing a lot of research into what was known as The Harvard Psychedelic Club.  In particular. Andrew Weil’s article from 1963 ” The Strange Case of the Harvard Drug Scandal”.  It was written for a magazine called Look.  There’s so much history in the world of psychedelics.  Did you know that during that time students were purchasing mescaline from these supply houses that did very few background checks on their students?  There are stories of students and professors using hallucinogens for sex, both gay and straight. Lots of experiments, it was I suppose the beginning of the alternative medicine movement.” 

“Hmm. Fascinating stuff, and it gives so much groundwork to continue to explore for a journalist like you.  Who are you writing for now? I’d love to read your stuff?”

” I’m looking to write my own book. But have a lot more work to do on the subject  Perhaps you could add some of your work to it”.  

We spoke a bit more about all the places we both missed in sunny San Diego, the beach and we reminisced about some of the places we had both enjoyed. Jason at one time worked for the Us Airforce though he never revealed to me what his work was about. We talked again about my research and he asked me some very technical questions about endorphins, brain chemistry and mental functioning while taking me on a trip down memory lane. 

It was almost closing time when we realized it was nearly time to leave. We’d been talking for hours sipping our drinks as he filled me in on all the details of his cannabis community, cultivation from seed to sales.  It was fun and enlightening. We both had an erotic past that floated around us without any words.

I told him about my real job as a counselor, I worked with abused children, a serious subject for discussion.  I then confided in him that I had lived with a colleague for a while, that we became lovers until the day another one of his lovers showed up on my doorstep, and told me that she was pregnant. I felt like I was in a made for television soap opera and decided no thanks.

He shook his head and murmured how chaotic many open relationships tended to become and that he didn’t understand how I still tried to manage one. I nodded as his hand squeezed my thigh in a friendly gesture, making me forget all about that episode. I felt that same familiarity when Jason took my hand and asked me to walk outside beyond the outdoor patio to an old picnic table. Less lights. It was hidden or at least felt hidden. I’m a risk taker and somewhat of an exhibitionist. He was too. It was dark enough, sexy dark. We sat close to each other, as any old friend would do. 

“The night sky is brilliant.” I gazed up, as I felt his hand run down my back, resting on my sacrum. “Imagine this sky enhanced by a molecule that allows your body to actually experience the magic of the night,” 

“I know the feeling.” 

A firebug flew into my hair, and he brushed it away. His fingers lingered, stroking my long hair.  “Your eyes seem deeper than I remember.”

“Aging.” He smiled.

“I guess I can feel you looking at me, deep inside of me.”

“Perhaps its’ because we’re both born under the same astrological sign, Scorpions are very sensual by nature. I feel the same about you.”

I smiled. The air was cool, and I shivered, unsure for a second whether it was from his touch or the temperature.

That was all we both needed, as his other hand cupped my breast, exposing my erect nipple, crushing his lips onto me. He pulled me into him as his lips reached mine. I reached down to feel his hardness. 

We pulled apart for a moment. “I’ve always wondered what that would be like.”

“What do you mean?”

  “If we didn’t fuck…just touched each other, and stopped. Experience the sensual side of us both.”

Just then we heard an owl hooting in the distance.  

“Mating season!” I exclaimed. His hand was now making its way beneath my skirt, in which I welcomed, teasing him to go further.  I was so ready.  

He stopped. “Come on we should probably leave, did you drive here?”

Before I could answer he was leading me over to his car and he opened the door for me, as I slid in.  Where is he taking me?

” Address???” he asked.

I told him I lived right down the road, I had walked here, and I thanked him for the ride.  I snuggled in close to him, as he drove, one hand in the steering wheel, the other up my skirt, his fingers reaching, teasing. 

When we reached my home, Jason got out of the car and opened my door.  Such a gentleman.  My skirt was still hiked up as I swung both my legs out, I never wore panties and I think he had to know that about me. I had made sure he did. My legs were long and tan with red painted toenails, in a simple pair of black flip flops.  

” Is this like a first date?  Driving me home, walking me to the door?” I asked, unsure of where this was going. 

“Let’s call it an experiment……… or an experience, a beautiful experience, like the night sky, new beginnings” he replied as he watched me turn to him, and open the door. And then we heard a melody of long ago….as he whispered the words. 

“Ah, let me prove it to you
Trumpets and violins, I can hear in the distance
I think they’re calling our names
Maybe now you can’t hear them, but you will
If you just take hold of my hand
Ah! But are you experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?

Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful…” 

Jimi Hendrix 1967 .…..”Have You Ever Been Experienced