Short Story: My Shunga Inspiration

Credit: Kitagawa Utamaro, Artist

by Kathryn Thompson*

I have authentic kimono’s here for us to wear. The room will be set out like a boudoir, screens, flowers, carpets, cushions. The appropriate music will be chosen by you and it will be playing at just the right volume to help create the ambience. I will make us green tea and serve you from my Japanese tea set.

I will respectfully bow, call you Teishu and  gently push you back on to the cushions so you are propped up and supported to see everything unfold.

I begin caressing and massaging your feet. You close your eyes and begin to relax.

After your feet I move to massage your hands and  you open your eyes  and smile as I loosen the tightness in your fingers.

I lean forward and you catch a glimpse of my bare skin beneath the kimono.

I move closer and start stroking your head, massaging the tension on your temples.  I begin nibbling your ear.  I whisper “ Oh master I am here to give you pleasure  but please, I ask that you allow me to direct this experience. Do not feel you have to reciprocate any pleasure for me. It will give me great pleasure if you agree to this. So totally surrender and allow me to please you.” You  smile and sigh.

I start kissing your neck and as I do so, I part your kimono and your cock stirs freely and I gently stroke the shaft and continue kissing your neck. I leave your throbbing cock waving and gradually move down to stroking and kissing your chest and opening your kimono more so your body is now totally uncovered. I stroke your belly and  pause to nuzzle my face in your loins and inhale the musky smell of your body. I move, and you catch another glimpse my nakedness beneath the kimono.

You reach out your hand to touch me, but I sit up and gently take your hand and suck your fingers, slowly one by one, as you gaze at my cleavage, as my kimono loosens.

I return to massage your thigh and straddle you, my thighs are either side of your leg and although you cant see, you can feel my cunt rubbing along your leg as I massage you, one thigh then the other.

Your cock is now standing so upright and calling out to be touched. I take a sip of the green tea and hold the warm liquid in my mouth and then as I slowly swallow, I part your legs and sit between you and bring my mouth down onto the head of your cock  and transfer the hotness of the tea to your yearning cock. You moan, I smile.

I sit up and loosen my kimono and I lean forward and push my breasts together and bring your shaft to nestle between their heaviness.  I move slowly up and down and every now and then lick your head with my tongue. You moan once more. I take another sip of tea and this time hold your cock with both my hands, as I begin to suck and slurp your beautiful cock which is growing in heat and hardness.

I lick my finger and gently slide it into your anus and with your cock in my mouth I gently fuck your arse with my finger. You moan again.

I pause and stand and open my kimono, I spread my legs and open my labia  and show you my cunt. I straddle you and bring it close to your face so you can see it, like you’ve never seen it before. You move your face closer to lick it, but I pull back and take my finger and lick it slowly and then push it inside myself and move it around a little and then pull out some of my juices and then smear my finger across your nose and then into your mouth. You hold my finger and suck, your mouth like a vagina, my finger like a cock and my cunt starts to throb.

Our mouths meet and we suck and kiss hungrily, the desire mounting, your cock wanting to come into my aching hole.

I return to my position between your legs, my mouth to your cock and this time with my arse up in the air, legs apart allowing my throbbing aching cunt to open. As I suck and lick and adore your hot throbbing cock, my cunt is flowing with wetness. I rise and shed my kimono and turn with my back to you and lower myself down onto your cock, facing your feet. On my knees, I start to pull up and down, back and forth side to side slowly gyrating and grinding my sex into your pubic arch. I lean forward and place my hands on either side of your legs. As you are propped up on the cushions, you can clearly see the full glory of our coupling. Your cock fully in my cunt and my arse there for you to clearly see.

You touch my buttocks and squeeze around them around your cock in rhythm with your trusts. I increase my pace and my excitement mounts, but then I pause and say “ Teishu if it pleases you, feel free to lick your finger and insert it into my arse hole. We move faster and  harder, I explode as you push your finger into my arse. You immediately shoot your hot sperm and fill my cunt.  I feel the surge of power and hotness. There is so much it flows out around your cock. Your cock is still hard and stiff and you take the wet cum with your finger and smear it around my arse and continue fucking my arse with your finger with your cock still inside my cunt. You can feel your own cock through the walls of my vagina. I orgasm a second time and then collapse forward on your legs. As I lie on my belly you lift my arse and open my legs from behind and bring down your mouth and suck my cunt, drinking the soma of the gods. Finally satisfied you nestle down beside me and sleep.

*An over-educated expat Brit, artist, poet, writer, etc, living in the Northern Territory, Australia (with brief interlude in New Zealand). Worked in Aboriginal education at the Red Centre. Currently, working as a counselor and therapist.