Short Story: The Neuro-Spamming of a Rational Man

Source. Pexels. Gustavo Juliette, Photographer

by LJ Frank

Being a rational man, I would be the first to admit that not all things I set out to achieve are the result of reasonable thought and intent. And even if they are, there’s always the need to factor in exterior and interior forces. The brain’s physical chemistry and biology including any genetically scripted wiring might be altered through infection or malformation or chance itself or in this case, neuro-spam.

I had been planning in my head an escape to the country to the north that is known, shall we say, for its open-source exposure. So, upon securing my digital passport I arrived at the train station having deduced all was in order after completing the necessary electronic forms. And I had taken the time to memorize certain letters and numbers to be utilized with my Information Trust Credit Card transaction. Even my digital passport word was accessible only through a secure mental code.  You see, I was slightly weary that someone might be listening to my brain and took cautionary steps for Brain Cell Spam Protection and took a pill for that purpose. I quietly wondered about the many uses of the pill that might include politics and religion.

It was only after arriving at the station I discovered an electronic wave had been emitted from a corporate state hacker which by passed my password and intruded my brain and suggested that I may not be, who I thought was earlier in the day. How could “I” not be, “me”? Nonsense?

The mind is filled with a multitude of images and names that overlap and look the same and it may only take a questionable misspelling of one letter. And once injected into the thought process it could change the script mapped out in my internal wiring and which in turn, matched a different identity and what I came to surmise as free will, may have indeed been an illusion. 

My physical environment does modify my behavior and the same could be said of the state of my mind.  I quickly rationalized that the only thing I need to be paranoid about is paranoia itself.  

But events have a way of assuming a variation on what one thought was an actuality or reality. The spam that entered my head diverted me from boarding the train. My border crossing would have to wait.

It seems there was genetically enhanced telepathy that intruded my neuro-space and decided an alternate direction was in order, regardless of my scripted internal wiring and notion of choice. The question was how do I prove that my mind was neuro-spammed and that I was really the same person that woke earlier in the day or was that also open to question?

The border of reason is a fine line and has consequence as my senses were overwhelmed by a simple addition of a letter causing my original self to vanish or perhaps be archived.  And I now was someone else, with telepathic waves invading my brain and the intellectual émigré status that I had just the previous day became ambiguous at best.

And then as I was about to depart the station a stranger nodded at me as he approached. He looked like he had just stepped out of a film noir wearing a trench coat with hands in coat pocket.

“Would you like a clue as to your predicament?” His voice was hoarse.

“Who are you? What do you mean clue? And how…”

He took his right hand out of his pocket and raised it up as if to say, “halt!” Then from his other pocket he retrieved a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. He then walked away without uttering another word. 

I opened the paper and read the following message: “As a rational man, why isn’t human knowledge free…for what is the cost and consequence of knowing?”