Situation: Pocket Listings of the Mind

Situational Abstract. LJ Frank, Artist

by LJ Frank


The two-masted Ketch of my intent this past summer is a reminder that not all that is intended is experientially achievable though surprises are not unheard of – with a bit of luck, networking, timing, and financial resources. Intent slides over to situation. Not that I fully agree with the theory but I have found psychologically my behavior tends to be affected first and foremost by my situation over and above my ethos, personal traits, and characteristics. .

That situational thinking guides me to a dietary, intellectual, and spiritual approach and focus to each day. Meals mostly consist of vegetables, grains, berries, occasional fish, red wine on a table graced with flowers and candles. I don’t like to over-indulge. The less I eat and drink the better I feel. Though as a Libra I give a nod to Epicurean philosophy of joyfully cultivating knowledge and friendships while being sensually aware of a balanced diet in an inviting setting. The synonym of hedonism was not what Epicurus precisely ascribed. Things get lost in translation.

The situational approach can be offered with my explorations. I look for places that don’t have a sign on the front lawn, a window or a boat’s hull that says For Sale. Nor do I look for people who are complicated but rather, have an intellectual libertine angle to living. That is, they are able to sleep with different ideas as wanted or needed. Regarding property, be it a boat or a house/condominium, I check around with realtors, trades people, and soothsayers who know people wanting to sell but not wanting to advertise. Looking into the future requires more than an astrological navigational chart.

The African proverb in a Muse like respect of – if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space – is applicable.

The most fabulous places I have experienced in my lifetime have been in my mind. Pleasure, nirvana, and bliss are places filled with cerebral foreplay.

And so now that I have formally stepped back from finding that two-masted Ketch my mindfulness suggests a more adaptable approach to something that I know exists and open to an offer, but is unadvertised.