Splintered Realities: Lyrics of a Blurred Landscape

escape? lj frank imagery

by LJ Frank


where do you run…

your pace increases into a bluish shadow,

the landscape appears to vanish into a blur –

like misty waves crashing over boulders

on an abstract shore

thoughts drown in a steamy tide pool

you swim to the surface to catch your breath

the throat chokes on salty algae tasting words –

gasping for the eupnea exhaling through veneer teeth 

a crowd gathers on sand particles of the coastline,

free speech is preached to silence free speech,

disinformation, a growing leprosy of the mind

repetition is facile, a façade of make believe,

smugness infiltrates the copulated brain

metaphors of herpes in graceless disguise

while yachting with the rich “other” is salve

an amicus brief is delivered at night

and a writ of mandamus lays on the desk,

the sun regularly hides behind the moon….

jeopardy is a medley of salacious policing lyrics

and not the strategic voice of justice –

hide/delay tactical monopoly of disclosure,

corporate opaqueness prefers full frontal

 transparency floats under beaded glass

and the soul wears no underwear  

suspicious hangs on flag poles of conspiracy

brassieres in red, white, and blue wave in the breeze

the mind is camouflaged in hunting fatigues

pawns are sculptured for the trophy self

the vulnerable are targeted like a game of marbles

and body autonomy is a chess match

endless battles, wars and errant knights

ice sails across the rising depths

the storm gathers force –

Nietzsche’s Madman cries in the streets

we killed God, have you not heard….

and the Cambridge Analytics is now –

a film noir….

chiaroscuro fills the head and heart,

and if the uterus is legislated

shouldn’t a penis also be voted on,

bank accounts and assets are masks,

lost within the City of Aphrodisia

quiet is not Satyagraha

but the rulers relish seizure of spoils…. 

so, what are your chances, do you think–

through splintered realities and lyrics

of a hazy, blurred landscape you may run…..

only to discover a harshness and simplicity –

to be inspired begins within your conscience.